Newport, RI

Keep off the rocks
Keep off the rocks

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The call was issued by the Fall River Bike gang to meet in Newport for an early Sunday morning bike ride. Expecting a medium hard ride, I loaded the road bike and set out on the 45 minute drive to the start at Newport Bike Coalition office on the island. (Newport is on Acquidneck Island). There I met up with five other riders and ended up being unofficially elected to lead this ride.

Sunny, eighty something degrees with no wind riding our bikes in Newport RI. There are things just as good I’m sure, but I doubt if there is anything better.  Early in the ride we all decided this would not be a ride so much as a sightseeing adventure on our bikes.  Because of all the stops, it took us three hours to ride twenty two miles.  The up side, we all got some great photos.

Fort Adams. Newport, RI
Fort Adams. Newport, RI

Fort Adams, Ocean Drive, First and Second Beaches and Purgatory Chasm were the highlights of this ride.  I didn’t get a photo but we stopped near Flo’s Clam Shack were their special is two hot dogs and a bottle of Moet for $110.  It’s so unique that it’s one of the most popular items on the menu.  Remember, we are in Newport.  Home of Mansion Row on Bellvue Ave, the tennis hall of fame and the America’s Cup Yacht races.  As daddy always says, “money don’t spend itself”.

Summer home  in Newport RI
Summer home in Newport RI
Second Beach, Newport, RI
Second Beach, Newport, RI
Ghost Bike, Newport RI
My favorite toy

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