Rode Rhode Island Today.

Coffee Stop at Bristol Bagel Works in RI
Coffee Stop at Bristol Bagel Works in RI

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The Fall River gang called for a bike ride on the East Bay Bike Path.  The route took us through Colt State Park and our guide Brian gave us a tour of the newly upgraded and connecting MUP through the expansive park grounds.  The MUP is a 17 mile path from East Providence to Bristol, RI but on this day we cut the ride in half and made it a sightseeing easy spin while trying to avoid the overweight spandex wearing senior men living their fantasy of riding the Tour de France at 17 MPH.

Bristol Bagel Works was our turn around point.  A light breakfast and coffee gave us the energy to complete this 15 mile, 6.7 MPH average speed hammerfest.

Colt State Park
Colt State Park




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