Coffeeneur Challenge #1 Austin Texas Road Trip

Mellow Johnny’s bike and coffee shop. In Austin, Tx.

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I waited till today to begin my challenge in order to do it on a road trip. First order of business in Austin was to rent a bike.  Austin Bike who sponsors #3 son gave me a good deal.  (I think).  “Take the bike and we will settle up when you bring it back” was the owners comment.  I have no idea what it’s going to cost, but I have confidence he will do me right.

Austin Rental Bike
Brandon, had a training ride today with his group that met at Lance Armstrong’s bike and coffee shop.  We decided that was our coffeeneuring challenge #1 entry.  An iced latte for me and a regular old hot coffee for him.  His gang went off on their ride while I hopped on ole 40 Scott (the bike brand) and rode to a great dog, jogging, biking, fitness park in the center of Austin. Norwood Estate park sits on the bank of the Colorado River.  It’s a really nice spot.

Brandon coffeeing up for his training ride in Austin at Mellow Johnny's Bike and coffee shop.
Brandon coffeeing up for his training ride in Austin at Mellow Johnny’s Bike and coffee shop.
Crew on the Colorado
Crew on the Colorado
Dog Park clientele
Dog Park clientele
Me and #3
Me and #3
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Stevie Ray Vaughan
On the grounds of the Austin Motel
On the grounds of the Austin Motel

We are doing all our transportation around the city by bike.  Tonight we will dine at G’Raj Mahal on Rainey St.  And for those back in the Northeast wondering about riding a bike at night in October.  It’s 8:30 PM here as I write and it’s 85 degrees.  No sweat.  Um  well you know what I mean.

Coffee challange #1 is done and it was a very sweet one.  Nothing like a road trip, with a bike on a warm October night.

2 thoughts on “Coffeeneur Challenge #1 Austin Texas Road Trip

  1. Austin looks great! I’ve always wanted to check out Mellow Johnny’s – great name! Enjoy the rest of your Coffeeneuring… Interesting to learn that there’s another Colorado River…


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