Kodak Zx5 Video Camera


I started video recording a lot of my rides a couple of years ago while preparing for my three state bike tour of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. On a side note. two of us will be riding the Erie Canal, end to end in June of 2016.  We have done a few tours together and separately, and both agree, that the Erie Canal is such a sweet bike ride that we will do it for the third time.

My Kodak Zx3 worked fine for over a year.  One day it seized, and that got me to check online for solutions.  It was unanimously reviewed that it was a piece of junk, and to not even try to get it working again.  After months of on and off attempts, I posted on that same forum how much I concurred.

I wanted to video some of my rides again and found a good deal on the Kodak Zx5 that got much better review than the Zx3.  I do much of the recording while riding and that’s the reason I don’t use my smart phone.  Dropping that would get very expensive, and also the Kodak has a wrist strap and is much easier to operate than a Droid.

I also don’t use YouTube much. I much prefer Vimeo for many reason.  I also bought a pretty high end video software back then and kind of feel compelled to use it.  One of my favorites is HERE.  A ride in Provincetown MA, on the outer tip of Cape Cod.  Standing at the beginning of US Rt 6 that terminates in Long Beach, CA was very cool.  The dunes made me wonder if I was still on earth.  You’ll see it if you check out the Video.

Below is the unedited Zx5 in action.

Coffeeneuring #7. The Last and Best Coffee Ride.

Cappuccino and cranberry turkey panini. L'Artisen Cafe and Bakery in Providence. RI
Cappuccino and cranberry turkey panini. L’Artisen Cafe and Bakery in Providence. RI

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  • Location:  Providence R.I.
  • L’Artisen Cafe and Bakery
  • 14 mile round trip ride encompasing East Providence, Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls. RI
  • Trees and poles to lock up you bike. But with outside seating in an upscale college area, it’s really not necessary.

I took the Randonee bike for this last coffeeneuring adventure. I have a Novara Randonnee bike but have never done a randonee. But I have been to Spain.  Today’s ride was the route connecting the East Bay Bike Path in East Providence to the Blackstone River Bikeway in Cumberland, R.I.  This is the ride I saved for the last coffeeneurs challenge and after a couple of false starts, everything fell into place today.

This route begins in East Providence at the Fort Hill parking area of the East Bay Bike Path. The normal ride is South toward Bristol R.I. which is close to Newport.  Today though, the ride takes us North to Providence. One of the highlights is crossing the Washington Bridge over the Seakonk River.

Washing Bridge bike path in Providence, RI
Washing Bridge bike path in Providence, RI

It continues through some really nice areas along the Seakonk River and into some very upscale neighborhoods including Blackstone Boulevard where years ago I rode the Tuesday night boulevard double paceline ride. It was a 30 mile open to everyone hammerfest with the Providence College and Brown University bike teams.  There were times when the paceline was 15-18 bikes long with 30+ riders.  In essence, one would pull the pack for a couple of minutes twice a night.  Being the oldest in the pack, whenever I got to the front, the ride would slow considerably. On many rides kids would tuck me into the middle of the paceline and let me be pulled along at 25-28 mph with very little effort on my part. Riding the tide, we called it. Or as they say, keep him away from the front.

The ride today also went through a couple of urban areas that get pretty busy with traffic.  Because I was fully depending on my Garmin Touring GPS for directions, (I uploaded the route), I got caught a few times on the right when I needed to go left.  Every time I looked over my shoulder to see the traffic behind me, I got a go ahead and take the lane from the driver.  Providence is a very progressive city of  college students and professors on bikes, making it very bike friendly.  I’m still learning this new Garmin of mine, and a couple of fopahs cut the distance of this ride from 26 to 14 miles.  I want to do this ride again, but as they say, there are lots of other territories to conquer.

Riding along the Seakonk River in Providence, RI
Riding along the Seakonk River in Providence, RI
Entering Pawtucket, RI
Entering Pawtucket, RI

I saved the coffeeneuring challenge for the return leg.  I didn’t know of any coffee shops in Providence, and this being the Brown University area, it was obvious to even the most casual observer, that there would be some really good ones.  L’Artisen Cafe is the reason my title says the best coffee ride.  This place was, as the kids say, “off the hook”.  The coffee was wonderful and the turkey cranberry panini was sooo good.  The sun was shining, the temperature was nearing 65 F and there was outside seating.

L'Artisen Cafe in Providence, RI
L’Artisen Cafe in Providence, RI
Cappuccino and Turkey cranberry panini
Cappuccino and Turkey cranberry panini