Time Travel

Mad Libs

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My daily bike ride this time of year is the same as the day before.  A one mile ride to the gym, then to the market for tonight’s meal ingredients, then to a coffee shop to read the NY Times over a good cup of Joe .   There is not much different to say or show that I haven’t posted at least a couple of times.  However, I have two dogs.

Every time I put on a pair of footwear, or a jacket or head toward the back door, they get all excited. They love their walks but unfortunately those walks have been abbreviated because of the conditions.  This week, the snow is gone, the temperatures have risen and the sun is shining.  The last few days our walks have been a couple of miles on what I call the time warp trail.  Whenever I meet someone on the bike path who is new to the area I always tell them to detour off the path and follow the country road.  It’s a semi circular half mile detour which bring you back to the path.  There is no way to get lost following this road, and doing so is like going back 100 years in time to the days when Fairhaven was a farming community.  It’s the same farms, farmhouses, silos and crop fields.  Pictures may not do the area justice, but the feeling of time travel is real.  Until an SUV drives by.

2 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. Supposed to warm up here this weekend – got invited to a spin class so dying to see what that’s like – then if one of the weekend afternoons are nice, I was thinking of getting out the mountain bike and going for a leisurely winter ride 🙂

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  2. You must have sent some of that warming weather out here toward Illinois. Supposed to be near 60° here today! Your photos are nice, especially the one you’ve labeled “Lopes Farm distance.” It would fit in nicely with my own blog’s theme. I can relate to all those off-the-beaten-path roads and forgotten lanes that are always fun to explore. Share some more. 🙂


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