Work Commute

Annually, I volunteer to drive the Salvation Army Bell Ringers from the “fort”, to their assigned stores.  I also get to commute to work on my bike. This year on my new Giant Electric assist I call the Raza. (Named after the renegade space ship on the SciFi TV show “Dark Matter”).


This morning it was 24 F when I left the house. However, the sun was shining and there was not even a wisp of wind.  The ride wasn’t bad at all.  I felt chilled, but not cold. Because I’m a regular on this route I know the bridge opening times and I knew I was going to get caught waiting for boat traffic. I resigned myself that I would be stopped for a few minutes while a fishing boat passed through the swing bridge I cross to get to the city,  New Bedford, MA.  New Bedford is and has been for decades the #1 fishing port in the country.  There are hundreds of these 70-90 foot boats, which explains why many of my post are ocean themed.

There was also a “huge” freighter in port unloading dozens of semi truck trailers loaded with clementines.  There was quite an assembly line on the pier as truck after truck worked their way to one of the three cranes unloading their freight.




Commuting To Work. 10 Years Ago

Some of my blogging friends are beginning to bike commute to work again.  Some ride year round, some don’t.  I took me a few years to begin year round bike commuting and I did is sparingly in the winter.  Once the weather broke the miles added up seemingly exponentially. Riding my bike was the best part of my work day.


Ten Years and two blogs ago.  March 31 2006, riding my entry level Giant OCR 3 Road bike  dual mode commute to work.  Drive 30 miles. Ride 10 miles.

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