SPF 50 and The Driveway Series Race

Thirteen mile ride around Austin’s Harbor Walk.
It’s day 14 of my 30 days of biking commitment and it’s the first day the sun has shone. I put on some SPF 50 lotion before my 13 mile ride around the Austin Lake.  The ride began at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop and concluded at the Food Truck Park. This is a sweet ride not only around the lake but it also takes the rider through a couple of eclectic neighborhoods.  In the business district a came across a guy watching turtles sunning on rocks.  Figuring he needed a little excitement in his day, I struck up a conversation.  He is from Manchester, NH, fifty miles north of Boston. I told him that I lived  fifty miles south of Boston.  Back home we may as well live on another planet because of the distance from each other.  In Austin, we considered ourselves neighbors.  He works for Southwest air and was on a layover. Naturally the talk turned to air disasters and unruly passengers.  Bike riding made it’s way into our conversation naturally.

One thought on “SPF 50 and The Driveway Series Race

  1. It always seems as though we meet folks from our own areas when we’re a long way from there! That happened a couple of times on our recent travels to Florida and Texas. 😊


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