The Driveway Series Thursday Night Bike Races

Getting Pumped for the race

CLICK HERE for all the Driveway photos.

Today is the last day in Austin and I will do my Day 15 of 30 days of riding. with a short ride to Mellow Johnny’s bike shop, to return the rental.

Last night was supposed to be a seven mile ride to the race venue. I go lost. Who would ever thing that could happen? I stumbled upon Jack who was also riding to the venue and as we rode we chatted about all the people in Austin who get hit by cars. I always thought this was a very bike friendly city but like any big city, drivers get stressed and are often in a hurry. Those two things can be dangerous when driving.


There was a beer tent on the grounds, I ordered a beer and asked how much. “Five dollars” and she stamped my hand. The five dollars was a single charge with unlimited refills. I got a ride home.


Brandon’s CAT 3 racing team had a breakaway going for a while but maintaining a an average speed of 28 MPH for 35 minutes kinde of limits how long a rider can stay in front. They ended up in the in the middle of the pack but the beer tent served up plenty of condolences and made them feel better. Made me feel good too.

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