Cape Cod Bike Tour Day 2 Provincetown to Truro.


Distance 14 miles
time: all day
Riding time: 55 minutes
Total 116 miles
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It was another hot day, fortunately we only had an 11 mile ride to the night’s  accommodations

We spend most of the day meandering around P-Town.  Walked to breakfast and around Commercial St. before checking out of the hostel.  We left around 10-ish and visited two bike shops just to look around.  We spend a good amount of time at Gale Force Bike where I did some work getting my handlebar bag issue resolved.  The bag was constantly slipping down out of position. A simple fix of adding a plastic thing to make the handle bar thicker. After that I was able to tighten the connections and secure the bag in place.

We arrived at Nick’s family’s campsite in Truro after spending time at the beach for lunch.  Although it was only a 10 mile ride, we were both still feeling the effect of our 100 mile jaunt yesterday. Riding 100 miles on the first day of a bike tour is not the best way to start.  It was Nicks only day of riding. I will now ride solo to continue touring Cape Cod.

We certainly met a few quirky people on this ride.  In Sandwich on our first day we needed to double check the directions I was given by an internet friend.

We came across an older “gentleman” (you will understand the quotes shortly). “Excuse me sir, do you live locally?” I asked.  “Do I look like a local?”  Red flags rising.  “I was told that rt 130 is the best and safest way to get to the Cape Ccod Rail Trail, what do you think?”

“You was told wrong. You’ll git yourselves kilt riding that road. 6A is your best bet but you will probably get kilt on that road too.”

“We are riding to P-Town and want to get to the Rail Trail. Any idea on the distance?”

“You ain’t gittin to P-Town today on bikes.  It’s dam near 60 miles to the rail trail and another 75 miles to P-Town.”

“OK, thanks for your help”

We did stay on Rt 6 and decided to stop asking for better routes and simply trust google.  In the end, it was 70 miles to our hostel in P-Town.

At the hostel on our first night, we quickly made friends with the other guests.  Riding on fully loaded bikes  brings out the best in people.  I spend some time with Willie Weir a couple of years ago and he told how being on a loaded bicycle changes you from a tourist to a traveler in the eyes of many.  People approach you and want to know your story.  How far your riding, where did you start, where are you going?    I’m sure my story of a short tour close to my home is disappointing, but I think I’m still considered a traveler and not a tourist.

Yesterday, when we stopped for a snack on a beach road, we saw this really really big guy on a fat bike,  (stop it, I know what your thinking).  Most people would make fun of this guy riding with his shirt off and wrapped around his head.  His physique was a sight that makes you stare like your looking at a car crash.   When he pulled into the lot, I said, nice bike.  That broke the ice and we had a great conversation.   He said he had to rent this fat bike because the tires would help him keep upright.  He is the head chef at a fancy hotel in Connecticut and always had a problem with his weight. Recently losing 50 lbs gives him motivation to stay on track of limiting his carbs and sugar.  He doesn’t miss them any more and is very confident he will be “svelt” soon.

Nick’s parents, Mark and Chris, not only gave me a bed for the night but also treated me to a wonderful dinner in Provincetown.  A twenty minute shuttle bus makes it very easy to get to and fro downtown and it’s only two bucks.

The three of them left a while ago to spend the day at the beach while I hang out at the trailer finishing this entry.


The plan is a short 40 mile ride to Brewster where I’ll stay at the Nickerson Camp Ground. It may be a busy weekend on the Cape and the place may be sold out, but the state has a no turn away policy for hikers and bikers.  We’ll see.

Here are yesterday’s photos, unedited.


Day 1  Fairhaven to Provincetown     Day 3. Truro to Brewster, MA

4 thoughts on “Cape Cod Bike Tour Day 2 Provincetown to Truro.

  1. I’ve seen that too with the loaded bike and people starting random conversations. It’s very cool. It’s like it eliminates the walls instantly.


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