No Kids Around This Year

Sue and I are home alone this December 25th. Without little kids around, Christmas is just another day. We don’t buy each other gifts because we decided a few years ago that instead, we would adopt families through the Salvation Army. We both worked there for the last 10 holiday seasons, but Covid kept us away this year. We did adopt a mother and her three children, and were able to gift them everything on their list. We never know who they are nor do they know who we are. It can get awkward, history tells us. Also, last Saturday night, one of the bike groups joined the local LGBTQ+ group to collect and buy toys for local children. We were able to make a wonderful holiday for 25 kids.

Sue worked at the dog shelter this morning and I’ll be cooking a simple dinner of bake stuffed shrimp with squash and mango infused jasmine rice. On my dog walk this morning before the storm hit, I heard the distinct sound of lots and lots of geese heading my way. With a 30+ MPH wind blowing against them, the V shape of flying didn’t work. Each goose and gander were on their own which gave their flight pattern a Keystone Cop look. I grabbed my I phone, set it to video, and was cracking up watching them zig zag across the sky fighting the wind. Because I can be a slow learner, I didn’t check to see if the camera was recording. If so, you would now be watching the video.

The weather looks to be decent once this storm passes. A few days of riding before another round of rain mid week. Maybe a group ride to bring in the new year and another celebrating MLK later in the month. We’ll see.

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