Crisp And Sunny Early Morning Walk

Twas the day after Christmas, and the Nor’Easter had passed. Everyone was stirring, even the birds in the grass…. Except one.

As I approached my back entryway after the dog walk, a Blue Jay excitedly took flight from the porch. That’s odd, I though. Then I saw the tiny little sparrow, breathing heavy and unable to move. I took him inside the breezeway and gave him a once over triage. Seeing no evidence of injury, my hope was that the bird had flown into the window and knocked itself out.

It took over an hour, but the little guy was gradually able to keep itself upright. I put him outside on a dish towel and waited to see how things went. Eventually he took flight, not far. Actually a competition with the Wright Brothers and my little sparrow may have ended in a stalemate, as far as distance goes. He landed a few yards away on my front lawn, completely exposed to any hungry bird eater. Hawks, cats, or whatever. I went to pick it up again which finally entices it to fly up into a tree. No more than five minutes later, a black cat cut across my lawn a mere two feet from where I had initially put the bird on the dish towel. Seems all ended well.

Since bike stuff is pretty much dried up for now. It’s a good time to introduce the critters. We found Reba at a Humane Society Gala. Sue and I ventured into the kennel during the event, and Reba picked me. We took her home the next day. She was transferred to MA from Houston after her family lost their home during Hurricane Harvey.

Owen was found wandering the streets of New Bedford, Ma. He ended up in the Fall River MA animal shelter. We took our two dogs to see if they would get along. Our two, sniffed a couple of times and walked away from Owen. “Yeah, he’s OK,” is the signal we got from the other two.

The cat was at the shelter where Sue works. It’s a dog shelter, and cat’s are shipped out of town ASAP. Sometimes ASAP is a few weeks. The cat was not put into the cat room with the others, but sentenced to a cage in the hallway. Sue offered to foster the cat till ASAP happened. When she brought her home, I told Sue we should name her because, knowing Sue, we would be adopting the cat. “No way” Sue said. After a few days Sue decided to call the cat Soleil. I knew that was that, and a couple of days later Sue said she wanted to adopt Soleil if I was OK with it. I looked at the placard on the wall and said, “whatever you want dear”.

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