GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThat was my reaction first thing this morning as I began pedaling away from the sunrise to deliver the Salvation Army bell ringers. Last evening, riding home from the market on the dark MUP, I was in awe of the show the sky was putting on.

A clear crisp night with no moon allowed the sky to show off it’s majesty.  Ursa Major and Minor. Orion and Mars were easy to spot.  The planes flying southwest out of Boston dim their headlights just about the time they pass over Fairhaven, MA.   It’s quite a sight to see one after another for twenty minutes or so, then….nothing, when the corridor shifts to another airport.

This morning started out chilly but by the time my work was done and it was time to ride home, it was comfortable riding.  A clear crisp day following last night made for good picture taking.

Coast Guard Memorial
Cuttyhunk Island Ferry
Working Waterfront
Deep Sea Fishing Tours
Fairhaven Multi Use Path
Gothic Building


Rode Today

Only a mile each way to the market.  It was also in the dark which made the ride even better.

Had to put off the long ride to the Salvation Army to drive my peeps to their bell ringing stations this morning because my rear tire was flat. Again, for the third time.  I do think I found the sliver of steel from a car tire this time. If it’s not flat in the morning, I’ll get double digit miles in.

Riding is my only exercise since the “incident” because I still can’t walk for more than 10 minutes. It’s myyankle.

BTW. You know that last few inches when your putting the tire back on the rim?  I found out it’s good for removing stitches from your hand.  This morning I had eleven stitches.  Now I have 8.

More Work To Do Before Riding

I’m spending my recovery time getting my winter beater ready.  Wider tires, lights, cleaning etc.  I also have a new bike being shipped from Austin, TX.  It’s the one I rented while visiting the city and I liked it a lot.  It’s a Scott and it’s yellow.  ish.  I may use this one on our tour of the Erie Canal this summer.Austin Rental Bike

I will be off the bike a little longer than we all though.  The surgeon wants to open up my hand and reattach one of the nerves.  It’s an out patient procedure that should not be a big deal except for adding two more weeks to my recovery.  That takes me into {{{{{January}}}}}. Brrrr  If you want to see what it looks like, scroll to the bottom of the page.

I used to start a conversation by saying something like, howzitgoin or howahya? Now I just raise my hand.


spiders in my finger
spiders in my finger

The Bell Ringers Academy

The Meeting room

Every November I begin volunteering at the local Salvation Army.  My job is to deliver the bell ringers to their designated spots.  Today was the first day with only a hand full of ringers on duty.  We will have many more stores after Thanksgiving and things will get kind of crazy around here.

Every morning they get the daily training speech usually about the dos and don’ts of bell ringing.  I leave after the speech  so they can say their prayers then it’s party time. I set the radio in the van to the Martha’s Vineyard station, turn up the volume, and we rock the van on the drive to the stations.  If you ever get the hankering to join us by listening on line.  I’m sure you will love the music.  Today it was Robbie Roberson’s cover of Bruce Hornsby that got us going.  Just click the play button at the top of the page.

Behind the scenes at the Salvation Army Bell Ringers Academy
The Bell stands standing tall.


Providence to Warren RI Bike Ride

I was very late for the group ride on the East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island. They began at 10, I arrived at 11.  I met a couple in the lot who were new to biking, and asked if they had ever ridden over the Washington Bridge.  It’s was only a quarter mile away and I assured them it was well worth the detour.   Naturally they loved it.  I stopped on the top of the bridge for the opening monologue of the following video.

On the return from Warren, RI I was able to hook up with the group ride.  One was returning to the bridge and I decided to ride back for the closing monologue.  Surprisingly he didn’t cross but instead road on what I though was a dead end service road.  Actually it was a shortcut to the Blackstone River Bikeway.  Another one of those secret places you only find out about when you ride with a local.   I’m going back during the week to give that new route a go.

PROVIDENCE TO WARREN R.I. from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Going Secular

As I began my ride I passed by three ex churches, and decided to make the theme today. the closed churches locally. In the surrounding towns most of the churches, of all denominations, are rapidly closing their doors.  Some are in prime locations and are scheduled to be converted to secular uses.  Some are in impoverished areas and are wasting away.

There are very few church affiliated schools and other indoctrinating techniques left in many parts of the country.  The decline in church membership and religious affiliation has followed.   Around here, the churches that are left have very small memberships, who are for the most part, in their 70’s and 80’s.  The choice of nearly 5000 gods, makes everyone an atheist who doesn’t believe in the one true god that someone else believes. The younger generation has figured out that religion is not necessary to lead a good life and they realized that churches have become political and fundraising institutions, that more and more of the under 50 crowd want nothing to do with.

Years ago Sunday morning was an easy overtime day for the local police force who got extra duty directing traffic around the many churches in the area.  Now,  most of the churches have been relegated to gypsy status in small storefronts and run by some guy with a mail order minister title.

The best transition I have seen is outside of Washington DC in Brunswick, MD. called, Beans in the Belfry.

closed church 003
Sitting alone and rotting away


closed church 004
Abandoned but it may be converted into a restaurant


closed church 006
Just sitting empty for 5 years


closed church 008
Soon to be demolished and replaced by a convenience store.
closed church 010
Abandoned church for sale.
closed church madrassa
Church school scheduled for demoliton


closed church 002
Once a church, now a private home


Church being reconditioned into a homeless shelter