Back Yard Critters

Tuesday Photo Challenge ” Wonder”

You look’n at me?

“I got your back.”  One blue jay kept a close eye on me while his flock had breakfast in my  yard.   If I’m late putting out the feed, there is a lot of complaining by these guys.

They are not the only friends that show up every morning.

Tuesday Photo Challenge.

It’s not often that my cover photo fits the weekly photo challenge of “Round” , suggested by Dutch Goes the Photo

Palmer’s Island Lighthouse in the harbor of New Bedford, MA. USA


A lighthouse was built on the northern point of the island for $1,951 by Charles M. Pierce, a mason. It was first lighted on August 30, 1849, by William Sherman (sometimes spelled Shearman), the  keeper. The 24-foot tower was built of rubblestone, with wooden windows and floors.


Tuesday’s photo challenge #149 Layers

There was definitely a pecking order as these gulls approached the food.  The dominant gulls would go to the head of the line and the others would back off, (or up) until the coast was clear of the stronger birds.  Others watched and waited.


Hand feeding the gulls


Academy Awards.

can you ever forgive me
“Can You Ever Forgive Me” is the movie of all the nominees I enjoyed the most. It’s even better than Vice for me. I think it will be shut out of this years awards. But you never really know.

I am a big fan of the award shows.  The Grammy’s, the Golden Globes and especially the Academy Awards.  I have made it a point to see all the award movies and had a blast doing so.

Here are my picks for the major awards and also my  predictions.  I think the awards have become shy to pick the best out of fear of offending people who usually haven’t even seen any of the movies.

Here we go.

Best Actor:   Christian Bale (Vice)  The winner. Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody)

Best Supporting Actor:   Richard E Grant (Can You Ever Forgive Me)  The winner. Mahershala Ali (Green Book) is my second pick.

Actress in a leading role:  Melissa McCarthy (Can You Ever Forgive Me) . The winner
Glenn Close (The Wife) Both were superb.

Actress  in a supporting role.  Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk)  I think the academy and I will agree on this one.

Best Screenplay: “Can You Ever Forgive Me”,  but I would be happy with “Black   Klansman” The winner.

Best Picture:   Either “Vice” or “Green Book”.  Both are not politically correct movies, so I’m guessing that Roma will get the award.  Black Panther was good but I would be offended if a CGI movie won. Giving an award to a computer generated movie makes no sense.

I think the academy will choose “Roma” as the Best Picture.

It took me three tries to get through the movie and  I really struggled to finish this film.    To me, this looks like a high school kids project done with some of his friends and family, filmed with his 1980’s camcorder. 

Cinematography: “The Favorite”  but it may go to a foreign film “Cold War” or “Never Look Away”

Director:   Spike Lee  (BlackkKlansman)  Definitely not a PC pick. That would go to Alphonso Cuaron for “Roma”



Tuesday Photo Challenge

This weeks challenge offer by Frank at Dutch Goes The Photo, is simply titled, “Surface”.

I had so much trouble deciding which photo to use picking one, changing my mind. Pick another, then another.  Eventually I decided to post more than one. All are from the New Bedford, Ma harbor.  Twice New Bedford was the richest city in the country and once the richest in the world.  It is has the honor of being the number 1 fishing port in America for many years.

Palmers Island Lighthouse and the Nantucket Lightship
Leaving the Port of New Bedford
Cargo ships are a usual sight in the New Bedford harbor


The Goblins

For Sonya’s Three Line Tales prompt

We arrived at Goblin State Park after driving for hours. We pulled up to a closed gate with a sign saying, “no vacancy”.

There was a dirt path a ways back. Could that be a place to spend the night?  The dusty road led to  a box canyon. No one around for miles and dusk was approaching.

We found a spot and settled in for the night. It got pitch black dark. So dark something five feet away was invisible. That night we experienced how the canyon got it’s name.
Goblin Valley Box Canyon Camping

There was no room at the campground. We found this spot in a box canyon off the main road.

Work Commute

Annually, I volunteer to drive the Salvation Army Bell Ringers from the “fort”, to their assigned stores.  I also get to commute to work on my bike. This year on my new Giant Electric assist I call the Raza. (Named after the renegade space ship on the SciFi TV show “Dark Matter”).


This morning it was 24 F when I left the house. However, the sun was shining and there was not even a wisp of wind.  The ride wasn’t bad at all.  I felt chilled, but not cold. Because I’m a regular on this route I know the bridge opening times and I knew I was going to get caught waiting for boat traffic. I resigned myself that I would be stopped for a few minutes while a fishing boat passed through the swing bridge I cross to get to the city,  New Bedford, MA.  New Bedford is and has been for decades the #1 fishing port in the country.  There are hundreds of these 70-90 foot boats, which explains why many of my post are ocean themed.

There was also a “huge” freighter in port unloading dozens of semi truck trailers loaded with clementines.  There was quite an assembly line on the pier as truck after truck worked their way to one of the three cranes unloading their freight.