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This Weekend’s Rides. April 4-5, 2015

New England Randonneurs Brevet
Dighton Rock 200k, Sunday April 11 2015, details here

Brevet at Dighton Rock

Below is a link to the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen’s ride schedule. All rides are open to everyone. The Sunday ride has options for different miles.

**(I’ll be riding Saturday mornings Cafe Tour on the East Bay Bike Path. It’s a great start to this seasons riding.  26 miles of easy pedaling, stopping for coffee and a snack at the halfway point in Bristol R.I.) Leaves Fort Hill at 10AM

The link offers tons of information about local club rides, charity rides, brevets, and other bike related events. There is also instructions on using their GPS files on your device.
Finally a list of events happening this year.
Everything you need to know about biking in New England is in one place ready for your perusing pleasure.

CLICK HERE for the NBW link

Biking Again. Finally

Cover Photo:  amidnightrider

The weather is gradually improving. The snow is gone and now it’s time to start spring cleaning.  The roads and parking lots are covered in sand.  The bike path is painted with brush and twigs but people are out and smiling again.  It was a difficult two months of continuous heavy snowfalls and bitter cold.  That’s all in the past as Easter approaches.  The time of new (the lily) and abundant (the rabbit)life.

Biking Again from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Boston Bike Video

Cover Photo:  Waiting for the start of the NYC Five Boroughs Tour on Avenue of the Americas.

It’s been a couple of months but finally today I’ll be back on my bike. Riding to the gym first then who knows where after that.  It’s time to begin the daily fitness rides also.  Working my way up to 30 miles a day.  Maybe it will happen on the first day. Tomorrow will tell.

Riding to yoga class.
Riding to yoga class.

A decent but long winded explanation of the laws concerning bikes in Boston.  I am curious to hear how far into the video you got before letting out that big sigh I know will come, and hitting the stop icon. I paused and moved on to other things twice before finally getting to the end.


bike summit guest speaker
Nicole Freedman. Guest speaker

Cover Photo:  Winners of the SouthCoast bike challenge being recognized.

That’s an acronym of a Bruce Willis quote from Die Hard.  It’s said in celebration of the cleansing of the Northeast for us bike riders.  Not only has the snow been cleared but the torrential downpours have cleared much of the debris off the roadways. Continue reading “YKAMF”

A Funny Thing Happened While Digging Out From The Latest Snowstorm

Cover photo above author unknown
New Bedford snow blower waist deep

As always, click any photo for big. Click again for bigger.

Snowstorms, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and stuff like that happen all the time. These are just part of nature and are no big deal. Until of course when humans are added to the equation. Then these natural phenomenon become disasters.

The past two weeks of blizzards and daily snow squalls for a while seemed like disasters. Now however, people have realized that although there is a lot of snow around, it’s really not causing much havoc. The roads are clear, the supermarkets have plenty of milk and bread. Gas is plentiful and it’s winter break for the schools.Now when we are walking or driving, it’s like being in a maze.  Check out some of the astonishing Boston photos below by clicking the link.

Icicles are the norm
Icicles are the norm

Stone building in blizzard New Bedford

Even the dogs like to look at the snow
Even the dogs like to look at the snow

Life is pretty much back to normal within a few hours of a blizzard. Because the temperature is so cold, the snow is very light. Kind of like fairy dust. It’s easy to plow and shovel. The only problem is that there is no longer any room to put what gets plowed and shoveled. Cities have resorted to trucking the snow to open spaces and rivers.

HERE are some astonishing photos from Boston.