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Cape Cod Riding

We drove to Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod to ride the Shining Sea Bike Path to Wood’s Hole. We packed our sandwiches but did stop at the Marine Biological Institute for chips and coffee before dining on the outside seating area.

Today’s Video was filmed entirely with the Kodak Playsport Z5.Kodak-z5 It’s really a near perfect video camera to use while riding.  I have done quite a few projects for bike groups using this exclusively.  Tomorrow I’ll be filming with another camera.  Sunday I’m doing a project for the Tour de Creme ride and want to make sure everything is hunky dory.



2016 MAY SHINING SEA BIKE RIDE from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


Coffeeneuring Ride Wood’s Hole, MA

Coffee at Coffee Obsession in Wood's Hole, MA
Coffee at Coffee Obsession in Wood’s Hole, MA

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Follow my 2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge HERE

Week three of the Coffeeneuring Challenge.  CLICK HERE for the Garmin Connect route

I called for an 8:30 meeting for anyone who wanted to ride the Shining Sea Bike Trail a 10.5 mile rail to trail conversion from Falmouth to Wood’s Hole on Cape Cod, MA.  When any of us in our group put the word out for a ride we have no idea how many would show.  It could be a solo ride or a critical mass. Today was closer to the latter.

Steve had never done this ride, which as most rail to trail MUPs, are pretty secluded.  I took him off the path a couple of times to ride along the waterfront. The scenery is so much better, to say the least.

When we arrived at Wood’s Hole, I explained to many in the group about the coffeeneuring challenge. We’ll see how many new faces show from Quincy and other Massachusetts bike clubs. Many or should I say all but two riders, piled into the Pie In The Sky cafe.  Steve and I went to Coffee Obsession on Water St. Both have very good coffee with good Baristas.

For the return ride to Falmouth, many of us left the MUP to ride along the ocean and visit the Nobska Point Lighthouse.

Very crowded Pie in the Sky Cafe in Wood's Hole, MA
Very crowded Pie in the Sky Cafe in Wood’s Hole, MA
Overflow bike parking at Pie in the Sky Cafe. Wood's Hole, Ma
Overflow bike parking at Pie in the Sky Cafe. Wood’s Hole, Ma
Riding our bikes along Buzzard's Bay at Wood's Hole, MA
Riding our bikes along Buzzard’s Bay at Wood’s Hole, MA
Nice downhill leaving the light station at Wood's Hole
Nice downhill leaving the light station at Wood’s Hole
amidnightrider and the Nobska Point light station
amidnightrider and the Nobska Point light station
Ferry and Steve Prince
Ferry and Steve Prince
Nobska Point light station
Nobska Point light station
Ferry bound for Martha's Vineyard on Buzzards Bay at Wood's hole.
Ferry bound for Martha’s Vineyard on Buzzards Bay at Wood’s hole.
Approaching Nobska Point in Wood's Hole, Ma
Approaching Nobska Point in Wood’s Hole, Ma

Stormy Weather and Weekend Rides

The intent was to ride a few miles to a local animal shelter and do come comp work on the phone system.  The ride began with the sun shining, only a wisp of wind and warm temperatures. It wouldn’t take long to install the phones so breakfast was postponed till after the job was done.  A quick stop into a local super market for an apple to tide me over would be perfect.   Things changed very quickly and exiting the market I saw this.
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Storm Brewing
Storm Brewing

I needed 10 minutes to get into the city and that seemed like it would be cutting it close.  I stopped at the local McDonald’s to use their internet to check the weather.  It was going to be close but I decided to go for it.  Like the game show where you have money in your hand or you can risk it all for a grand prize.  The money in my hand was coffee at McDonalds or take a chance on crossing the river to Green Bean Cafe for a wonderful cappuccino and a blueberry scone.

The choice was easy.
The choice was easy.
Waiting out the storm
Waiting out the storm

While having coffee, I got a call that the phone system was up and working at the animal shelter and I had the day to myself.

I hadn’t been on the road bike since May.  There is a story to that but it’s not interesting.  I got old Gurtrude aka Yellow Bike ready for her first road ride since then.  We will tack on an additional 30 miles this afternoon just to kick start the mojo for some serious road riding over the next few weeks beginning tomorrow.


Falmouth to Wood’s Hole on the Shining Sea bike trail.  Met at the parking lot on RT 151 #16 on this map.  Be there for an 8:30 AM start.

Saturday Ride on Cap Cod. The Shining Sea Bikeway

North Carolina couple visiting Cape Cod
North Carolina couple visiting Cape Cod riding the Shining Sea Bikeway

Shining Sea Bikeway.  Saturday morning.  Meet at 8:30 at the head of the trail off rt 151. #16 on THIS MAP. 10.5 miles each way with a short tour of Wood’s Hole and a coffee stop.

Upcoming Ride. Lunch on Martha’s Vineyard

Sunday September 27th. Martha’s Vineyard

I am going to take the ferry from Wood’s Hole to the Vineyard Sunday morning.  It’s a ride I did in June and have been talking it up with bike friends.   The weather window is closing for this ride and I’m thinking Sunday would be a great day to get er done.

We will take the 9:30 AM ferry to the island, ride around for a couple of hours, have lunch on the Vineyard and take an early afternoon boat back to Wood’s Hole. The ferry is still running often which gives us lots of time choices to leave the island.  The round trip cost of the ferry is $25 per person including the bike.  We can park for free by using the last parking lot on the Shining Sea Bikeway. (Either # 7 or 6 on the map)  Get to Woods Hole early enough and enjoy a wonderful breakfast at Pie In The Sky Bakery.

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Pie in the Sky Bakers at Wood's Hole
Pie in the Sky Bakers at Wood’s Hole

The ride will take us into the “doll house” section of Oak Bluffs.  From there we ride along the beach to Edgartown.  We can spend a little time in Edgartown if you wish.  There are many lunch options if anyone wants to eat on the island. Some may want to skip lunch there and eat off island.  The numerous ferry departure times allows for everyone to personalize this ride.

Doll Houses in Oak Bluffs
Doll Houses in Oak Bluffs
The Black Dog
The Black Dog

CLICK HERE for the ferry schedule.

Shining Sea Bike Path on Cape Cod

Cover Photo:  Pie in the Sky Bakery in Woods Hole, MA.

The Shining Sea Bike Path is a 11 mile Rail to Trail conversion from Falmouth to Woods Hole, MA.  This midweek, cool April day began with bright sunshine and very little wind, making it an easy ride from end to end.

The activity at the Steamship Authority is picking up as summer approaches.  There was quite a line of cars waiting to board the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.  All the seasonal restaurants are open and the tourists are returning.  Only on the weekend for now but by Memorial Day things will change for sure and Woods Hole will be a beehive of activity.

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