Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride

2016 Midnight Martathon 003

Before the runners, come the bikers.

In the dead of night, hours before the Boston Marathon road race started, a group of locals experienced the historic route differently — via bicycle.

The ride has become a tradition since Boston University student Greg Hum launched it in 2009. It starts in Southborough and follows the Boston Marathon route from the western suburbs into the city hours before thousands line up to run the race, and offers cyclists two options of route length.

“The streets are quiet, and riding bikes at night is quite magical,’’ Hum said. ”It’s also an awesome experience if you’re riding your bike down the course. You get to use your imagination, like the audience and being in the marathon.’’

He previously described the ride, which takes two to three hours for most bikers to complete, as tranquil, yet invigorating. “In the city, there’s heavy traffic all the time, and you’re always navigating your way around cars,’’ Hum said. “But once you get to the suburbs, especially at night, there’s very little traffic. It’s very quiet and peaceful for most of the ride.

I got a really late start and five miles from home I realized that I didn’t bring any bike lights.  I was tempted to just say eff it and go home.  I did yell the F bomb a lot as I raced home, packed the lights and beat feet it to Boston.  I had a 50 mile drive and it was 8:11. Packing our bikes on the truck took place from 8:30 to 9:30.   I made it with a few minutes to spare.  Every year I get stressed out about riding at midnight. No rhyme or reason to it. It just happens. Every year once I’m in Boston, I’m really glad I came.


Lots Happening Today


I was really pushing to get to my hair dresser for an 8 AM appointment.  When I approached the last traffic light a block from the salon the cop cars began arriving. Town cops, state police, and unmarked police cars.  They crossed my path and stopped just a few yards from where I was waiting for the light to change.  When I looked I saw a kid running across the street being chased by two cops.  I rode to the side street in time to see the kid on the ground with two cops hovering over him. (photo on the right above) It was five till eight and I had a decision to make.  Needless to say, I was late for my hair cut.  These two kids chose a house that had camera surveillance. The owner was at work and his phone alerted him to movement in his house.  He logged in and saw the two burglars and the rest is history. The homeowners video is HERE

It was also day 8 of my 30 days of biking commitment. Not much to say about that except as usual I took some photos.  The big news however is a phone call I got from Thailand on WhatsApp, an application that lets you text or make calls over the internet to anyone in the world who is both on the internet and has WhatApp.

#3 son Brandon’s lady Janea, told me that they found him on the side of the road unconscious after being hit by a car.  He was returning from the Crit races in Austin.  He is going to be OK in time, but is a hurt’n puppy now.  Broken collar and severe concussion.  The world has certainly gotten smaller with me getting a call from Thailand telling me about something that happened in Austin.

Riding With Charlie

Wayland #99

Day 6 of the 30 days of biking challenge. I has to lollygag this morning waiting for the temperature to become somewhat reasonable for April.  I decided to try some new areas in the city, (New Bedford, MA) and things worked out pretty well.


Charlie trying to work out the technology on his flip phone.

I ran into Charlie, a fellow daily bike rider, downtown.  He was also riding north today and invited me along.  Charlie does a lot more riding in the city so he knows the “Secret Places“. It was a show-ish ride and we made quite a few stops that presented pretty good photo opportunities.  Continue reading “Riding With Charlie”

Mark Your Calender. Rails to Trails Opening Day

Opening Day for Trails on April 16!

All you need to do to take part in Opening Day is just get out on your local trail. How easy is that?!

Be sure to use the hashtag #RTCOpeningDay, and share your photos and posts of your trail outing. And of course, get your friends on board! (We think a day on the trail with friends is just that much more fun.) Send them to

I will be riding from Ft Hill (Corner of Lyon St and Veterans Memorial Parkway) in East Providence to Warren R I. with a 9 AM start.  There we will stop at the Coffee Depot for a snack or light breakfast before returning back to Fort Hill.  The Cafe Tour people will be  riding to Bristol Bagel in that town if you want to do the end to end ride of the East Bay Bike Path.

Day 5 of 30 Days of Biking

Dusk in Fairhaven MA after yoga class

I had to return my new camera that had a major issue.  One of the Geeks at best buy made sure that it was a defective camera and not operator error. I was hoping it was only a setting that I screwed up, but the screen was defective.  Because I got the display model, replacing it would cost me around a hundred twenty five more.  I found one that is better suited to my use and to my surprise, Best Buy discounted it 10% for my troubles so it cost me less than $100 for a really good camera.

I’m on Day 5 of the 30 days of biking challenge and because of the weather, a challenge is an understatement.  It was cold and windy most of the day.  However, things had changed for the better around 3 PM which made it an easy choice to ride to Yoga class.  I got to try out the new camera and am liking it a lot.

Trying to look cool at the yoga studio. 

Riding To The Polls On Day 4 Of 30 Days of Biking


It’s been horrific weather since I committed to the 30 Days of Biking challenge.  Heavy rains threatened to make the first two days, in Provincetown, MA a miserable ride.  However, both days gave a good window which allowed me to ride between the cells and get a good amount of miles in. Continue reading “Riding To The Polls On Day 4 Of 30 Days of Biking”