Life is Good

Sitting by the pool with coffee, breakfast and today’s paper. Doesn’t get better than this. One more day of perfect weather tomorrow. Thursday we drive back to Atlanta and fly home to Boston on Friday.

A wonderful vacation with the kids and grandchildren.

Winter Solstice Bike Ride


It was a mild 36F at 5PM when I left home for the six mile ride to Buttonwood Park in New Bedford, MA.  On the way I stopped at the secret base of the New Bedford Starchasers and met up with a few of the riders.  We left the park on schedule at 6:30 PM, and rode to a couple of the collection boxes where we picked up winter coats and clothing for kids in need.

We were met at Common Park in the city by those collecting the clothing, bearing gifts. Coffee and doughnuts. Inside the holiday themed park were were also offered “cocoa on the commons” by a group giving away the drinks and snacks.

It was a great night for a bike ride with a wonderful group of riders. There is nothing I would rather have done than to spend the evening with these people. (Even if my video skills were way below par).

2019 Winter Solstice ride with the Starchasers from John Sullivan on Vimeo.




Come along just for the ride even if you don’t have anything to donate. It will be the most casual ride you have ever done. Guaranteed.   36F at lift off.  33F at splash down.   I’ll be biking to Buttonwood Park from Fairhaven leaving Staples at 5:15.  Riding home from Common Park at the end of the ride.

Tour de Tacky Coat Ride

The Little Things We Do

Wifey and I, well wifey, bought a new car. We closed the deal today and will pick up the new one tomorrow.  We also traded in our Mini Countryman after settling on a trade in price. (It’s good to do your homework before buying anything).



We both decided to go to the gym but because we have different routines, we needed  to go separately. I offered to put a bike in my car and ride that home after my workout. Trying not to tempt fate with the car I’m trading in tomorrow.   While prepping for the two mile ride, I decided to bike both ways.  She was worried that it was too cold.  Cold yes. Too cold? Not even close.  A stiff wind in my face made for a bit of work and naturally the stiff wind was at my back on the way  home.  It’s wasn’t a bad ride. Not bad at all.

Tidal Marsh, Birds, Bell Ringers and Carriage Chasers.



While walking the dogs this morning, I was ruing the fact that I didn’t have my camera. It was during a lull in the stormy weather and the fog had set in.  I needed to do some grocery shopping and decided to bike the mile to the market with my camera after I got the pups settled in the house.


An evening at the New Bedford Symphony’s Holiday Concert was a delightful end to a sultry, yet wonderful day. IMG_3987