Boston Bike Video

Cover Photo:  Waiting for the start of the NYC Five Boroughs Tour on Avenue of the Americas.

It’s been a couple of months but finally today I’ll be back on my bike. Riding to the gym first then who knows where after that.  It’s time to begin the daily fitness rides also.  Working my way up to 30 miles a day.  Maybe it will happen on the first day. Tomorrow will tell.

Riding to yoga class.
Riding to yoga class.

A decent but long winded explanation of the laws concerning bikes in Boston.  I am curious to hear how far into the video you got before letting out that big sigh I know will come, and hitting the stop icon. I paused and moved on to other things twice before finally getting to the end.

Keith And Mia Wedding In Playa Venao Panama

Title Photo.  Keith and Mia taking their first walk as husband and wife on the beach at Playa Venao, Panama moments after their wedding.

We are so proud of our son Keith and his marriage to his wonderful lady, Mia.  Both families were able to celebrate the week long ceremony in Panama with wonderful friends.  What a week it was.

Keith and Mia Wedding from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


bike summit guest speaker
Nicole Freedman. Guest speaker

Cover Photo:  Winners of the SouthCoast bike challenge being recognized.

That’s an acronym of a Bruce Willis quote from Die Hard.  It’s said in celebration of the cleansing of the Northeast for us bike riders.  Not only has the snow been cleared but the torrential downpours have cleared much of the debris off the roadways. Continue reading “YKAMF”


2015-03-14 001 2015-03-14 005
The view from our room on the 22nd floor of the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama City.

Shopping today in Panama City and driving to Playa Venao manana for #1 sons wedding happening on on Thursday. Some beach time and ridig my bike around the Panama Canal lake is part of the plan for the week.

Dreaming Of This Years Bike Rides.

Cover Photo.  The Verrazano Narrows Bridge connecting Brooklyn to Staten Island.

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Hopkinton, MA. The start of the Midnight Marathon Bike Ride

There is still no place to ride a bike which put a severe crimp in training for biking in Panama next week.  I have been putting on some time at the gym, but anyone who rides knows that a stationary bike is no substitute for the real thing.  The only thing worse is riding on a trainer.  I tried that one season and ended up selling the stupid thing.

Biker riders all over the northeast are pining to get back on the road and all we can do for now is dream (and write) about our upcoming trips.  With that let the show begin with highlights of last years rides that we are doing again this year.
First up is the Midnight Marathon Bike ride that we do on the eve of the Boston Marathon in mid April. We load our bikes for transport to Hopkinton (some ride from Boston). We board the Amtrak to the start and the thousand or so riders bike the marathon route back to the city. No leaders, no rules, no helmet is required, no nothing. Everyone is on their own. It’s a hoot. Oh did I mention that the ride begins at midnight?

Statue of Liberty bike

Two weeks later on the first Sunday of May, it’s the New York City Five Boroughs Ride.  30.000 riders have the roads of Manhattan, Queens, da Bronx, Brooklyn  and the Verrazano Bridge to ourselves.  This is a big MF bridge especially at the end of a forty mile bike ride.  We also cross four other bridges to make this a five boroughs five bridges rides.  Seeing all the boroughs of New York on a bicycle at 12 mph with no vehicles is the bee’s knees.


A month of training leads up to the years big tour.  Riding the Great Allegheny Passage Pittsburgh, PA. to Cumberland, MD.  Lat year I did it with the Rails to Trails dot org group and found it such a great ride that a couple of us are doing it again this year on our own.  Or as we in the bike culture say, “self supported”.

There is also the GRAND TOUR from Florida to Austin, Texas.  I have been wanting to do a cross country tour for years and time is running out for me to cross that off of my list.  Twice I have been ready to go and had to cancel.  I wanted to do this solo but I am not adverse to riding with company.  The video is a young man who did this last summer and I am only linking his video so he can get lots of hits on his YouTube.    CLICK HERE for Mr Smith’s (Barett), video.  Leave him a note if you feel like it. He did a great job and deserves recognition.

This has the possibility of being a really good spring and summer.