Fort Rodman/Fort Taber in New Bedford, MA

We took the dogs into the city to the Fort Rodman National Park. It’s an old army base that was closed in the mid 60’s.  Fort Taber was built as a defensive installation during the war of 1812.  In the video I say 1912 but Robert E Lee, the design engineer, would have been dead for quite a long time.

This was a chance to try out my new camera and take the dogs for a ride in the car to someplace other than the vet or boarding.


FORT RODMAN from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Novara Randonee Touring Bike.

Old highway sign in Rochester, MA.


Touring season is approaching and I took the steel bike for a longish ride to the town of Wareham Ma.  The Novara has been in my stable since 2008 when I did my first tour of the Erie Canal. 

Wareham has been my go to ride for medium miles for years. There are two hills to climb to get to the center of town on the back road route.  As I was climbing the first hill, a 30 something rider passed me and the only thing she did was a psheh sound when she looked at me and my bike. An old guy, no helmet, riding steel. psheh. Continue reading “Novara Randonee Touring Bike.”

Taxes, Yoga and Football


New American Dream
American Outlaws Supporter Group

I wanted to ride today but things conspired against me doing a long ride.  Putting all the stuff together and entering everything into tax software can be tedious. By the time I sat down to begin entering the figures and descriptions it was after 11 AM.  By noon time I had most of the federal stuff done, and my wife had roasted some cauliflower and asparagus for lunch. I got on the  bike and rode to Subway. Continue reading “Taxes, Yoga and Football”

Commuting To Work. 10 Years Ago

Some of my blogging friends are beginning to bike commute to work again.  Some ride year round, some don’t.  I took me a few years to begin year round bike commuting and I did is sparingly in the winter.  Once the weather broke the miles added up seemingly exponentially. Riding my bike was the best part of my work day.


Ten Years and two blogs ago.  March 31 2006, riding my entry level Giant OCR 3 Road bike  dual mode commute to work.  Drive 30 miles. Ride 10 miles.

It’s all HERE

That Was Then

Navy Reserve Building demo
This is now

We owned a Luncheonette just outside the gate  of an army base and it was also the end of the line for the public buses.  In the 40’s and 50’s at around 11:30 PM, my parents would begin cooking and wrapping hamburgers in wax paper.  Soon the buses filled with soldiers would arrive and after drinking too much, they would stop into our place and order hamburgers.  Four, five, six at a time.  They were drunk and in a hurry to get back on base before the midnight curfew.  You could say, we were one of the first fast food burger joints.  Being the industrious sort, my father also had a couple of spare bedrooms upstairs and hired really good looking waitresses, if you get my drift.  In the 40’s and 50’s my family was pretty well off. Continue reading “That Was Then”

Night Ride To Yoga


It was a chilly and windy ride into the city for Yoga.  The yoga leader decided to do core work this evening.  It hurt soooo good.

Although the ride to the city was chilly, the ride home was very cool.  A full moon, clear sky and the wind at my back made the ride home a joy.  I tried taking a few shots of church steeples with the full moon and sky as a backdrop but I could not hold still enough to take a night shot.  I only got one. One of the others is the old Vocational school built with the design of a manufacturing mill.  They certainly had different ideas about education back then.

Vocational School