Red Hook Crit 2017. Brooklyn, NY

I have personal friends, blog friends and online friends who like to ride their bikes very fast.  That’s all relative.  At 11 MPH, I’m one of the faster bikers on my local MUP.  I have a few Strava and blog friends who like to ride and are the faster bikers in their “pond”.  Then there are others.  #3 son competes weekly in the Driveway series races in Austin, TX. When I visit, I ride with the racers from Mellow Johnny’s bike and coffee shop downtown, to the Driveway.  It’s about 8 miles. It’s a casual ride and we are all chatting it up at a low teen pace.

riding with the pros-001
Riding with the pros to the Criterium

I hang out at the event, usually taking video and stills to post online. After the races, many bike to a Bodega, AKA the “stoop”. Someone buys a case of beer, a few joints get lit and there is a mini party lasting about an hour. Bikers like beer.

At the Stoop

Our group passes up that part, and ride to a place called Liberty.  It’s a bar that had been converted from a bungalow style house.  The doorman is stationed at the front gate checking ID’s and levels of inebriation.  The back yard of the bar has tables of varying styles.  In the alley behind the bar is a food truck.  Personally, alcohol of any type makes me sleepy, so the only time I have a drink or two, I’m in a comfortable chair, in the place I’m going to spend the night.  Those who do drink, seldom order a second.  For us, this is a place to eat some great Food Truck meals or tapas.

This all leads up to a documentary for all of youse who like to ride fast. Let this be your goal.  It’s 45 minutes.  You can watch on your TV if you have access to YouTube. Or get comfy and watch it here.

Another Covid-19 Victim: The Midnight Marathon Bike Ride

Monday is Patriots Day in Massachusetts.  It’s the day of the Boston Marathon. More importantly, it’s the day of the Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride.

$40 lets you load your bike on one of the trucks, take the commuter train to Southboro, pick up your bike and ride two miles to Hopkinton, the start of the marathon route. A 26.4 casual party ride to downtown Boston is probably the best event I have done.  To make it even better, the ride starts at midnight.  What could be more unique?

Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


30 Days of Biking. Episode 3

With all the extra time I have while confined to my home, I’m taking courses in filming and editing.  It takes a ton of work to storyboard, rehearse, sound, light and all the other things to do this properly.  My filming is more like newsreels, and the editing is what I’m continually working  at  doing a better job.   As a professional friend once told me. “Less is better. Leave them wanting more.”  That’s my goal.

I now find myself paying close attention to opening scenes when I watch a TV show.  I’m getting some great ideas and am currently studying on how to do those things. I just finished editing episode 3 of 30 days of biking.


30 Days of Biking Day 8_0 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.