Wednesday Morning Bike Ride

What better way to start off May than with a Bike Ride!!


Bike Ride – For experienced riders – all on road.

Wednesday – May 1st –  Meetup at 8:45am –  Ride starts at 9:10am

Meetup spot:  Tiverton High School – located off of Route 177 (Bulgarmarsh Rd)  – take North Brayton Avenue to the High School

Parking:   park on the back row near the dumpster

The ride will be approximately 30 miles – but it will be a very casual pace – no one will be left behind – we are all getting our cycling legs – great first ride for the National Bike Challenge if you are signed up for that

Make sure to dress for the weather and bring a drink and snack

Sunday Morning Chilly Ride

An 8 AM start was necessary to beat the coming rains.  I got around 30 yards before turning back to get another layer.  It was nippy.  I decided to ride the Rochester long loop with is around 26-27 miles.
Screenshot_2019-04-29 Rochester Long Loop Ride Strava

I’m not one to leave the house for a bike ride and see how fast I can finish. I also don’t wear spandex with matching helmets if I even wear one. That depends on my route and which bike I’m riding.   I always take my camera along and often stop to record things that get my attention.  I’ll be doing a lot of things like this in July when #3 son and I ride the Erie Canal.  That’s going to be a 400 mile, eight day bike ride and sightseeing tour some of the unique towns and small cities of upstate NY.

Bike Season

State Flag of Massachusetts

It’s that time of year when my car gets very little use.  From now till October or even November, I’ll fill my 10 gas tank about once every 6-8 weeks.  Anything I can do within 10 miles of my house is usually done on one of my bikes.

Naturally there are days when the legs don’t feel like riding a bike. Today became one of them.   I had a ten o’clock dentist that is around 5 miles from home.  On the way, there was a ground breaking ceremony for the local bike path extension.  Most in attendance were politician that had an interest in bike infrastructure.  My state Congressman and Senator, both on the transportation committee are staunch supporters of bikes, not as recreational, but an alternate mode of transportation.


This evening, the South Coast Bikeway Alliance, had their annual summit in the city.  Seven miles from home, on a chilly evening, with the southerly wind blowing steady off the Atlantic.  On a normal day, my legs may have said “not tonight”.  However, in the summer of 2017, I bought an e-bike while in Boulder, Colorado.  “The Raza” is named after the space ship on the TV show, “Dark Matter”.  It has four levels of pedal assist. Off, eco, normal and boost, (or hyper drive).  On those days when the legs don’t work, “Raza” to the rescue. DSCN8966


Wareham is around 17 miles from my home.  It was time to head to the Recreational pot shop to resupply.  The weather cooperated offering up a sunny 65 degree day.  My amigo Hiram joined me on the ride. DSCN8939

A Vanilla Latte, Espresso Bean  Caramel Swirl bar. Some Purple Mayhem Indica buds, and a relaxing Brownie Scout Concentrate Rythm Relax cartridge is just what the doctor ordered. We are good for a few weeks with this reload.

Rides This Week

Thursday April 25: Bike Summit at Fort Rodman  (link opens in Facebook)

This replaces the Wednesday night casual ride.

4:45:  Leave Staples in Fairhaven   CLICK HERE for the ride with gps routing.

5:30  South Coast Bikeway Summit comes to order.

We may be returning after sunset.  Bring a light just in case. This is also mainly bike path with a minimum of on road riding.  Bring a helmet if you want.

Friday: April 26:

RI bike coalition critical mass night ride.

6:15 PM  Leave Ft Hill parking lot on the East Bay Bike Path in East Providence, for the 3 mile ride to Burnside Park,  downtown Providence.  CLICK HERE for the route from Ft. Hill to Burnside Park

This ride is very casual with three rest and gathering stops.   Plan on a 15-17 miles beginning at 7 PM and ending around 9 PM at a local pub for food, drink and camaraderie.

Saturday April 27


Starting at the Fort Hill parking lot a casual** 27 mile ride along the East Bay Bicycle Path to Bristol for coffee and bagels at Bristol Bagel on Hope Street.

For directions to Fort Hill bike path access search for directions to intersection of Mercer Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway in East Providence through Google Maps or GPS. (1 Mercer St.) Parking is overlooking the river on the West side of the highway.

Spring Is Upon Us



Easter is kind of the unofficial start of spring.  Little kids happily searching for eggs filled with chocolate or money. Women parading in their new bonnets and men with the new suits. Also it’s a day for men and women, (real women and men), out for club or group bike rides.

All kidding aside.  Easter is the time of new and abundant life traditionally symbolized by the lily and rabbit.  Have fun tomorrow and eat healthy.  If you can.