Library. Fairhaven Ma
Millicent Library in Fairhaven, Ma with the Unitarian Building in the background.

A 6 mile ride to yoga class that is part of the New Bedford Wellness Initiative today.  On the way to the Boys and Girls club, while climbing a hill, one of my pedals fell off.

69 CamaroI was walking the final half mile and came across a couple of old timers looking at a 1969 Camaro in a garage.  I borrowed an adjustable wrench from one of these friendly strangers and made the repair. The pedals were installed a few short days ago and I was very conscious of putting is on correctly and tight.


The problem was that it’s in two parts.  The pedals came with adapters for different sized cranks. The adapter screws into the crank then the pedal screws into the adapter.  I have no idea why this fell of because reverse threading on the left pedal insures that this doesn’t happen.  (To most people).  I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

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Night Ride Video

The Daily Post.   Asks.  Post something Vibrant

It doesn’t have to show all the colors of the rainbow to be vibrant.  But it should say WOW. This was taken by a friend, Peter Pereira

Fairhaven center from unitarian
The Center of Fairhaven Ma. taken from the Unitarian church

A reunion of the retired pro and semi pro soccer players .  It was at the Portuguese Sports Club in New Bedford, MA.  Around 300 men were in attendance including a State Senator, the Portuguese Consulate, the man next in line for the Chief of Police position in the city to name a few.  There were some suits in attendance but most of us were casual.  Portuguese food is not conducive to white shirts and ties, because lots of food usually ends up on them. Continue reading “Night Ride Video”

The Guy Must Have Been Waiting At The Top Of The Street

I’ve had a heck of a time purchasing studded tires so I do get more riding.  I only need to get a little over a mile on the bike path, after that, I’m on town and city streets that are bike friendly and maintained.  The town doesn’t plow the MUP.

Two bike shops have had to cancel my order because they were out of stock.  After scrambling, one will be here on Friday and another tire sometime next week.  No problem now, because everything is clear.  But more snow and ice is sure to come.

I decided to buy a new bike rack system for my new car.  It’s a Thule platform, like the ones you see on the front of the city buses.  I also have to have a tow hitch installed. I can’t see myself using it before sometime in March.  Here is the irony.  I ordered it on Tuesday, online around 3 PM.  It arrived at 2:30 PM today, Wednesday.   Really, I’m paying a premium to have a bike tire shipped that takes 7-10 days.  Yet a 40 lb bike rack with free shipping can get here overnight.   I’m figuring the UPS guy must have been parked at the top of my street when the order was put in.

Thule Bike Rack

I did get out on the bike today, riding to some local stores.  One of the items was inexpensive bike pedals for winter riding. I have two sided spd pedals on the beater bike, but a wider plastic mountain bike pedal makes much more sense in the winter.

I also do all the cooking in the house and go to the market every day for fresh foods.  It’s a mile ride on the MUP and biking is the most logical mode, once it’s passable naturally. I usually ride to the gym for weights, yoga, cardio or tai chi. I only need to walk across a parking lot to the market. Convenient? You bet.

Shopping by bike
Fully loaded after shopping
Clear path after the storm
Clear bike path, four days after a blizzard.

The Day After The Storm

I stopped to talk to a neighbor on the way to the market. He complimented my new car and said, “all wheel drive?”.   I responded, “why”.  He said because of this.  Continue reading “The Day After The Storm”

Snow Day

Jan 23 2016 007
Walking the dogs during the storm.

The snow let up around 6:30 PM and after spending most of the day in the house, getting outside to shovel was a treat.  Earlier I tried to get the dogs out back to do their thing and they wanted nothing to do with it.  I began putting on my boots and they started to get excited.  When I grabbed the leashes they were in a frenzy to go out.  It was pretty nice walking with my two buddies in a snow storm at night. Continue reading “Snow Day”

Waiting Out The Storm


Sitting at home riding out the first snow storm of the season. Not much going on to write about so again it’s looking back on one of my bike tours.

Day 1 Burlington VT to Plattsburgh, NY: 40 miles on the road and two ferry crossings

Sunday July 21, 2013, 40 miles (64 km) – Total so far: 40 miles (64 km)

As with every tour I take, the first day is long and we really don’t get the miles we expect for the amount of time we are on the saddle. For instance, we looked at doing 80 miles today by riding from Burlington to the Canadian border at Rousse Point then riding south to Plattsburgh. We decided to ease up and ride the bike way on the rails to trails route that took us on a causeway to South Hero. The causeway had a break where a bridge used to span the lake. Now there is a ferry that only accommodates 6 people and their bike for a $5 fee. The money is used to help the Burlington bike group Local Motion.
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Reminiscing. The Erie Canal Ride Day 3

Day 3: Medina to Fairport


Sunday July 15, 2012, 62 miles (100 km) – Total so far: 124 miles (200 km)

We arrived in Medina very late last night and had just enough time to set up camp before it got dark. The fire department directed us to a park at the far end of town that gave us a nice secluded campsite. The traffic on the road near our site was just enough to keep up awake most of the night. We all got some sleep, but not much.

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Exactly The Same . Just Different

Can’t Stand Me

Play the music while your reading if you wish.

My view riding to the gym.

I have a few bike blogging friends who have been riding in the snow for a couple of weeks. I  read their stories and shake my head thinking, I’m too old for that and really don’t feel like riding in snow.  I tell people that I might if it snowed, but didn’t really mean it. Well, it snowed last night. Continue reading “Exactly The Same . Just Different”