The Kennedy Center Honors

I have always enjoyed the Kennedy Center Honors show.  Every once in a while there is a performance that is nothing less than stunning.  Three years ago it was Ann and Nancy Wilson performing Stairway to Heaven as a tribute to Led Zeppelin at the ceremony.

Last night Aretha Franklin’s tribute to Honoree Carol King was broadcast, and she brought down the house.  The audience didn’t wait till the end of the performance.  Aretha had them standing in the middle of the song.  I was standing and cheering in my den along with them and let out a whoop at the end.


Earlier this month, Aretha Franklin graced the Kennedy Center Honors stage to pay tribute to Carole King, one of six honorees this year. Aretha received that same honor more than two decades ago, but if you think she deserved it then, hoo boy, just look at her now: The Queen of Soul arrived to slay, casually strolling across the stage in her floor-length fur coat like it was her living room, tossing her sparkling clutch on the piano and taking her seat at the keys — a rare sight these days. Already, King’s mouth is agape. Barely a minute into “Natural Woman,” which King co-wrote,President Obama’s wiping away tears. The whole room (particularly King, who can’t help but stan out) is mesmerized, but just wait. The moment that makes this one of Aretha’s best and most diva-affirming performances this decade comes toward the end, when she rises from the piano, sings to the heavens, and removes her fur coat and tosses it to the floor like a boss, next to all our jaws. This is what Beyoncé meant by flawless, y’all.

Solstice Ride


winter solstice

It was 52 degrees F when I decided to go for a night ride to bring in the Winter Solstice.  The longest night of the year and a celebration of the goddess Yule and the return of light. The Druids, the Pagans and the Christians have their celebrations of the Christmas season. For those of us who’s only religion is bike riding, the solstice is another reason to get out and ride. Continue reading “Solstice Ride”

Some Culture

Us bike riders also have culture.  After dinner at the Quahog Republic we spent an evening with the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra.  Normally our seats would be primo. Tonight however, we found that third row is not the best way to experience the symphony.  We could only see a small part of the orchestra. Continue reading “Some Culture”

Dress For The Season

Enjoy the music while you read

Me, Bri and love my bicycle, may be the only ones in this circle who really enjoy winter riding.  The three of us found the joy of year round bike riding from bike commuting to our jobs.

Although I no longer commute to work per se, I get to ride to my volunteer job for four weeks. Other than that,  I still enjoy my almost daily winter rides.  Most are under 15 miles round trip and they are more often than not a ride to a coffee shop or super market.  I always bring a camera  which is pretty obvious.

Path from Pierce ptPierce Pt0013-IMG_0573

New York’s 5 Boroughs At 12 MPH (Critical Mass on Steroids)

I’m planning on doing my 9th tour this May.What a great way to see New York.  Registration fills quickly.

MAY 1, 2016


The 2015 TD Five Boro Bike Tour Presented by REI was our best yet, and next year’s is set to be even better! If you’re interested in riding next year, sign up for our mailing list so you can stay in the know.

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This will be my 9th Five Boroughs ride.  Saturday travel lets me spend the day in NY doing tourist stuff.  Sunday morning 32,000 of us set off to ride over 5 bridges and through the 5 boroughs of New York ending with a great climb over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

Approaching the Queensborough Bridge
Approaching the Queensboro Bridge
Verrazno Narrows Bridge

Whale in the Whaling City

NB Whale
Photo courtesy of Linda Leja

A whale going for a swim in the harbor of the former whaling capital of the world? Kind of chancy if you ask me.   The juvenile leviathan is a welcome sight in New Bedford, MA’s inner harbor, getting lots of attention from the locals.

Whale in the harbor

Fog and Bell Ringers

The warm weather creates beautiful foggy days to ride a bike.  Especially on the waterfront where the cold water meets the warm air.  It’s like riding in a cloud.  My commute to the Salvation Army where I drive the bell ringers is the best part of the day.

The pool of bell ringers is down this year which makes for a very large deficit compared to last year.  After the word got out about the corundum a few people volunteered to help out and man a station.  This family was offered to my territory today.  They only worked two hours and in that short time, they collected more money than any other one day pot, that by the way, have eight hours to fill.  A mother with a ukulele singing carols with her two boys opens hearts and wallets.

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