Full Pink Moon Night Bike Ride With Special Guests, Venus and Jupiter


City or country – moon or no moon – Jupiter is easily visible, and we’re now in the middle of the best time of year to see it. It’s now rising in the east as Venus is setting in the west … stand outside at nightfall, and see if you can catch the two planets at the same time, Jupiter ascending in the east and Venus sinking behind the sunset.

It was a relatively mild night when we set off on our monthly full moon ride in Warren, R.I. One of our group, Margret, suggested a couple of detours that took us off the bike path, giving us a nice change from the usual route.  The wind slowed us considerably as we pedaled toward Providence, R.I.

One of the highlights is crossing the Washington Bridge spanning the East Bay on RT 195.  When the bridge was redone a few years ago, a walking/biking path was added allowing a scenic, safe passage over the bay.  After riding through India Point Park, we crossed rt 195 and worked our way up the multiple switchbacks to the outskirts of downtown Providence.

With the wind at our backs, we made good time on the 10 mile return ride.  Because we were riding at such a quick pace, our lights were not adequate enough to warn us of the many pot holes and bumpy expansion joints on the blacktop in time to avoid the rattling of our bones as we smashed over them.  Nothing a couple of martinis and ibuprofen couldn’t solve.


2018 30 Days of Biking. Riding under the Full Pink Moon from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Full Pink Moon Bike Ride

April pink moon
It’s going to be a nice nite for our full moon ride. 52 and partly sunny at the 7 PM start.
Date: Sunday 4/29/18.
Location: EBBP off Rt 103 near Del’s Lemonade.
Arrive: 6:45PM
Departure: 7:00PM promptly
Sunset: 7:39PM
Moon rise: 5:11PM
Distance is flexible.
We will ride toward Providence till we decide to turn around.
Turn around point will probably be India Point Park unless we decide to turn around sooner (or later).
That’s around 22 or 23 miles round trip.
Bikes should have adequate lighting.
If you have a second headlight as a backup that might come in handy if the first one goes out.
Bring water, snacks, cameras and anything else you might want or need.
Take note that it is cooler after sunset and dress accordingly.

Buzzards Bay Coalition Herring Run Ride

Today was a combination of the Herring Run Ride put on by the Buzzards Bay Coalition, and 30 Days of Biking, day 28.

It started out a bit cool and very foggy at the head of the Cape Cod Canal in Bourne, MA. A mile or two into the ride, the sun burned off the fog and it became a beautiful day for a bike ride.  We met up with an Army Corps Engineer, Sam who was a professional and knowledgeable ranger who gave a wonderful talk on the Herring Run.

Since the Coalition part was only 7 miles round trip, I decided to ride the rest of the canal. I wanted to do both sides by crossing the Sagamore Bridge, but the walkway was closed for construction.  I ended up at Scusset Beach located at the far end of the canal before returning to the other end at Bourne.


2018 Buzzards Bay Coalition Herring Run Ride from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


30 Days of Biking. Day 23. The Bridges of R.I.

I was still feeling a little out of sorts, recovering from a two week long severe cold. Worrying about slowing down the others, I decided to take my electric assist bike. Things pretty much worked out in my favor on this hilly, bridge overdose ride.

2018 30 Days of Biking Day 23. The Bridges of R.I. from John Sullivan on Vimeo.


The Weather Finally Cooperated

After a dismal 20 days of April, the weather is gradually getting back to normal.  A 60 F afternoon begged for a bike ride. I’m still recovering from a nasty cold that sapped my stamina.  With that, I rode the “Raza”, my electric assist bike.  I’m also riding it on a group ride tomorrow morning.  The ride promises some serious hills which makes the Raza an easy choice.  It’s awfully nice to look at my speed of 18-20 MPH while riding at what feels like an 8-10 MPH pace.


Part of the ride today was to help finding two lost Labrador Retrievers. Both ran off on Thursday and have been missing since.  The owner hired a tracker and has offered a reward for their return.  We are all hoping for the best.

2018 30 Days of Biking Day 22 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.




Sophia from SweedenI was on my daily walk with the dogs on the Phoenix Bike Path in Fairhaven, MA.  when I spotted a fully loaded bike. Needless to say, as a bike touring rider myself, I got excited.  The weather has been awful for most of April, so, as the rider approached I asked, “touring or training”.  The bike stopped and when the rider said “touring”, I noticed the accent.

“Your not from around here. You sound European”.

“Sweeden” she said.

Naturally, the next topic was Zlatan.  Once that was out of the way I asked about her tour.   She began in New York city a few days ago and made it to Newport R.I. before the storms hit.  She couldn’t have been stuck in a better place.  She will be riding her bike around America for the the next four months.  She doesn’t have many plans yet, and will be kind of winging it as she rides west, after a visit to Cape Cod and Boston.

If I wasn’t recovering from a bad cold I would have joined her along a safer route than she had planned.  I did however, meet here at places along the way using my car.  I got her to within 4 miles of the Bourne Bridge that crosses the Cape Cod Canal before I lost her.  I am confident she made it OK to her Warm Showers host in Sandwich, MA.

You can follow her on her American bike adventure  HERE

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

fort to fort 001

Bike Fall River Bike Ride – Saturday – April 14, 2018 – Meetup time 8:45 AM – Ride starts 9:00 AM
East Bay Bike Path – Meet at parking lot off of 103 in Warren, take left right after the Dels Lemonade
Ride is perfect for beginners – we will have a nice casual ride – no one left behind. We made add a brief off road route that will be in an area with little traffic.
Should bring water – snack- Rain cancels ride

30 Days of Biking. Day 2

For the third consecutive year it snowed during the first week of this challenge.  It was however, not a bad day to ride. No wind, nor was it too cold.  I rode to get some errands done, but if it weren’t for the 30 days of biking challenge, I no doubt would have driven.

2018 30 Days of Biking Day 2 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.