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This says New York subway on it’s own.   The deco, Times Square, 42nd St. and the subjects lost in the moment.  The photo shifts our impression however,  when the third person is noticed.

Stationary Bike For Quite A While

The last storm gave us in excess of two feet of snow.  There is the possibility of two more substantial snowfalls this weekend. Needless to say, I’ll be on the stationary bike for a while.  I looked around the web and found an interesting workout from Men’s Health Magazine.  I’m going to give this eight week get back in shape program a go.

In the mean time, check out this dog rescue video.  All of my dogs shown in the previous post are rescue dogs which explains my soft spot when I see things like this.

End To Ender

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.”

Lunch break
Lunch break

I have biked the Erie Canal twice.  The first time in 2008 we did not do the whole route but did ride from Buffalo to Utica, NY.  In 2012 we returned and rode our bikes from Buffalo to Albany.  That qualified us for the following award. It’s not a big deal, but it is kind of fun to be part of this group of “End to Enders”.

If you also want to read about that tour,  CLICK HERE for my journal.  We had a great week of riding and when we finished “All was right in the world“.

NYC Five Boroughs Bike Tour

If you can you should put this on your list of must do bike rides.  The number of riders can sound intimidating but I can promise you through experience that this will be one of your favorite bike rides.  It’s my 7th time doing this and it’s a ride I always look forward to and enjoy.   In addition to the Sunday ride, spending Saturday in New York City can be the highlight. When in New York, expect the unexpected.  Last year while aimlessly strolling around Manhattan, I was recruited to be an extra in the making of a movie.

If you do decide to ride this year, when prompted, feel free to join our team. “”.  No cost, no commitment, just a spot at the front of the line.

Voices For A Healthy South Coast Fitness Challenge. (on my bike an hour a day). Video included.

Voices for a Healthy South Coast has issued a fitness challenge. A one time fee of five dollars gets your access to a variety of fitness venues and programs thru March 16th.  The Y, Darthmouth fitness, yoga classes, zumba classes etc.  I have also committed to riding my bike an hour a day before breakfast.   As much as possible with be outdoor but if necessary I have access to stationary bikes at the fitness center.  We all know how much stationary bikes suck so it will have to be really nasty outside for me to move indoor to ride.

Today was a nice 48 degrees when I left the house and I actually rode for almost two hours.  Again into the city of New Bedford, Ma which has a really great loop around the south end of the city and it’s peninsula. It was overcast and occasionally the wind gusted bringing a cold chill off the bay.  All in all though it was a nice day for a bike ride.

AN HOUR A DAY BIKE RIDING from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

The 19 mile route is HERE

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