Seakonk Southern Ride

Distance: 50.73 mi

Time: 4:15:47

Avg Speed: 11.9 mph

Elevation Gain: 1,165 ft

Calories: 3,517 C

Here is the route

Seakonk Southern from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

It’s been a while since I did a 50 mile ride. Not since my tour in June. I thought about taking the 28 mile option, didn’t, and rued that decision many times during the extra 20 miles of hills and wind. In the end, like usual, I was glad I did it.

Well over a hundred riders showed for this popular club ride with it’s 18/29/52 mile options. There weren’t many there when I finished as the video shows but I do tend to stop a lot, usually to look at my map and turn around to get back on course.

The next local ride is Saturday, Sept, 6 with the New Bedford Bike group. Meet at Popes island early enough for a 10 AM start for a ride into and around the city.

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Sunday Bike Rides.



Sunday is the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen’s weekly ride. Starting at Seakonk High School, NBW has arrowed 15/28/50 mile options. This is an relatively flat ride with arrows painted on the road giving clear directions. Riders leave in ability groups. If you ride a +20MPH pace there is a group for you. If you ride a 10 MPH pace, there is a group for you.  If you haven’t gone out with the Wheelmen this is a great ride to give them a try. HERE is the ride schedule.  Here is the map

If you like hills the Fall River Bike group is hosting a ride beginning in Somerset. Meet-up time 8:45am – Bike ride will start 9:00am – The group will meet in Somerset – at the Park and Ride across from Webster Bank – near the Old Brightman Street Bridge – corner of Route 138, and the former part of Route 6.

The ride will be all on-road – some minor hills – approximately 20 miles – not for beginners – make sure to bring water and a snack

Thursday Night South Coast Bikeway Ride in Fall River, MA.

South Coast Bikeway sponsored this ride that was organized by the Fall River, MA. bike gang.   Basically the ride was from Whites restaurant to Faunce Corner Rd and back.  It was a short 17 mile spin just to get together for a group ride. This is the kind of ride that needs to end near a Cafe or Pub to put a crown on the evening.  This stuff is new to these groups and for now they get a pass.

The weekend has two ride choices.  Saturday morning a group of older riders meet at the head of the East Bay Bike Path at Fort Hill in East Providence.  It’s a casual ride to the town of Bristol, R.I. were everyone stops to socialize over a light breakfast before returning to East Providence.  It’s a 27 mile round trip ride.

Sunday is the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen’s weekly ride.  Starting at Seakonk High School, NBW has arrowed 15/28/50 mile options.  Click HERE for the August Schedule of rides.CLICK HERE for the map and a little more info.




IMG_1125 IMG_1124 IMG_1123 IMG_1122 IMG_1121

Buzzards Bay Coalition Thursday Night Rides.

Bike Fall River will be hosting a Bike the Bay Ride tonight. Meet up at 5:40pm, ride starts promptly at 6:00pm. The ride is being headed up by Paul D., a member of Bike Fall River.

The ride will go from the ATMC parking lot on Martine St (Route 6) in Fall River to Faunce Corner Rd. in Dartmouth, via Old Bedford and Old Fall River Road, and then return to ATMC. Because of the late start riders should be there early for a prompt 6:00PM start. The ride is approximately 16 to 17 miles all on-road.

Make sure to bring water, snacks and please attach reflectors and lights to your bike. Sunset should be occurring at around the time the ride is ending. High visibility will be important. Rain cancels the ride.

Got A Nickle On Ya?

Providence, R.I. skyline from the East Bay Bike Path.
Providence, R.I. skyline from the East Bay Bike Path.

Things didn’t work out for the ride from Florida to Texas in September.  There was a very short window in which to begin the ride and things conspired to shatter that time table.  I would have had to begin pedaling no later than September 10th and that can’t happen.  In March I’ll have no time table and I’m thinking the weather will be better.

I’m still riding locally and there are a couple of organized events happening almost weekly.  Saturday’s default ride on the East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island is always a great time and today was no different.  Today one of the guys mentioned he was a teacher at Providence College. 

“What subject someone asked?”


“I got a D in high school chemistry”. 

The professor responded, “I wish I had a nickle”, left it at that because we knew what he meant.

Later we stopped for a light breakfast, this being the weekly Cafe Ride.  Two of us were sitting on the steps of the Bristol R.I. Customs House and the professor joined us.  Again he was asked what he did for a living.  “Chemistry Professor”. 

“I like chemistry but did not do well in high school” was the response he got.  That’s when I dug into my pocket and threw a nickle on the ground in front of the professor.  It’s not every day that we are able to grant someone their wish.


Warren to Barrington, R.I. bridge crossing.
Warren to Barrington, R.I. bridge crossing.


Riding Cross Country On The Southern Tier Bike Route.

Jacksonville to Austin
Jacksonville to Austin. The sidebars says 91 hours by bike. Really?

All of a sudden things are happening very quickly.  Wifey and I decided it may be better not to wait till March to do my cross country bike ride.  I am looking at beginning in about three weeks, four tops.  I am looking at all the logistics of getting to Jacksonville, Fla to begin the the ride somewhere in the first 10 days of September.   That will leave very little time for any planning which could really make this an adventure. 

Looking back at all of my past bike tours, the one that was the most miserable was the one that we stuck to the plan. We had no choice because we booked at non refundable B&Bs.  This ride from Jacksonville, Fla to Austin, TX will see me riding by the seat of my pants so to speak.  It should be very cool.  The change from March to September is not definite yet but it’s very likely.

Reggae On Pier 3. New Bedford, MA


This was the finale of the music on Pier 3 in New Bedford and it was a humdinger. Jammin, a Bob Marley tribute band had the place rocking. This was the best of the summer series and drew the largest crowd.  People were dancing in the street, in their chairs and on the pier.  It was a great show to end this years summer series.