Coffee Challenge #5 Providence, R.I.


Along with the Coffeeneuring Challenge I have been participating in a Halloween Mileage Challenge at The coffee challenge was to ride at least two miles to have coffee. Click the link above for all the rules.  This is more fun than I anticipated and I get quite a few suggestions from friends to visit their favorite coffee shops.  I made a list and plan to hit them all.  Also, part of the challenge is to come up with a theme.  Last year, I wore a different bike cap to each coffee shop.  This year, I decided to make of video of each ride.

The bikejournal challenge was to ride 310 miles during the month of October to win a tootsie roll.  If your rode 620, you get two tootsie rolls.  Virtual candy naturally.  For those of us who ride, 310 miles in a month is pretty easy.

Today, two of us did a 38 mile bike ride from the terminus of the East Bay Bike Path in East Providence, to the Blackstone River Bike Path and ride that path to Woonsocket, R.I. We followed, sometimes not, the Blackstone Bikeway through Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls and Cumberland to get to the bike path.  We did need the help of the Pawtucket Fire Department and a friendly rider we met in Central Falls, to get us through some of the many turns and finally to the start of the Blackstone River Bike Path.

2016 Coffee Challenge #5 Providence R.I. from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Coffee Challenge #4 Fairhaven, MA


There was not enough time to do a long bike ride with the impending rain storm.  I decided to stay in town in case I had to make a mad dash home to keep from getting soaked. I rode to the Flower Girls Bakery and Cafe that was only a couple of block from the property that I use to store my new RV, to satisfy the Coffeeneur Challange #4/

Q. How do you get a 40’6″ wide ship into a 40′ hole?

A.  Do it at high tide.

Sometimes it’s all in the timing.  I saw the Provincetown fast ferry in dry dock at the Fairhaven Shipyard, and almost took a short video and left.  I decided however to continue down the dock to film the Buzzards Bay Whaleboats and some of the scallop boats.  I back tracked to the ferry in time to see the start of the transfer from dry dock to the bay.  The boat was wider than the slip but fortunately the hull is tapered into a V shape.  At high tide, the widest part of the boat was above the slip walls.  It was a tight fit.

The bus riding friend I mention in the video from Indiana is from Iowa.  What I didn’t mention is when he does charter road trips for groups and sports teams. Dan brings his bike along and does lots of riding while his passengers do whatever it is that brought on the road trip.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

2916 COFFEENEURING CHALLENGE #4 from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Coffeeneur’s Challenge #3. Wood’s Hole, MA

A stormy October day was the setting for this coffee challenge riding the Shining Sea Bike Way from North Falmouth to Wood’s Hole, MA.

The winds were howling with gusts up to 40 MPH in the open spaces.  Most of the path is protected from the wind by trees as it winds inland.  Today’s coffee challenge stop was Pie in the Sky Bakery and Cafe in Wood’s Hole for a latte and a delicious rum raisin pudding.  The return route took me along Nobska Light and beach, with it’s spectacular vistas.


Untitled from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Country Ride (Just a Simple Day)

New England is experiencing some spectacular weather for outdoor stuff, especially bike riding.  Sunny, warm and the colors are beginning to burst from the tree tops.  We are not at peak color yet, but it’s coming.

Today was one of those days when we think, “this is the best bike riding day of the year”.  I said that last winter. Again in the spring and not to forget that day on Martha’s Vineyard, this past summer.  The best day of the year.  It happened again today.  For the most part.  It was one of those days till the winds came.  It was a stiff breeze for the last few miles putting a bit of a damper on the perfect day.

The forecast is for temperatures in the high 70’s for the next three days.   I’m definitely going to take advantage of that.

Untitled from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Coffeeneuring: The First Entry


The Coffeeneuring Challenge is in it’s 6th year. I had a blast last year working my way through the 2015 edition.  Today I began my quest to complete the 2016 encore.  If your a bike rider and enjoy coffee, this challenge can not only be fun, but it can act as motivation to get out and ride on those not so perfect days.

I rode a bit over 18 miles stopping early in the ride at Tia Maria’s European Cafe in New Bedford.  The challenge requires not only a minimum distance but also some sort of proof of having a coffee.  I did send proof via Instagram while at the cafe.  I also couldn’t resist turning on my “candid” camera when some friends came in after their step class.

I decided to forego the Friday night sunset/almost full moon ride at Colt State Park in Bristol R.I.  When I saw the moon rising while walking the dogs this evening, I felt a bit of regret over that decision.

Coffee Challenge ! from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

Wilbur’s Point and West Island and Full Hunter’s Moon, Ride

I’m making good progress in the Halloween bike challenge offered by the bike journal web page.

In honor of Halloween, you are invited you to participate in the Bike Journal Trick or Treat Challenge. It’s a great way to earn all that Halloween candy!

Ride at least 310 miles between October 1 and October 31.

Outdoor or indoor miles are OK. You can also report minutes instead of miles if riding indoors. If reporting time only, an equivalence of 4 minutes per mile will be used. (Thus you would need to spin for 1240 minutes (20 hours 40 minutes) to meet the challenge. You can also use any combination of the three (outdoor and indoor miles plus indoor time [not previously reported as indoor miles] to equal 310 miles).

Meeting the challenge gives you the satisfaction of guilt-free trick or treat snacking on Halloween.

Sign up for the challenge, and report your progress in this thread starting on October 1.

The full moon ride is Friday.  It’s two days early, but we do them on Friday’s.  I’m not in charge, just passing it on.

Hunter’s Moon

There will be a Sunset/ Moonlight ride on the East Bay Bike Path on 10/14/16.
Sunset will be at 6:04 PM.

Date: Friday 10/14/16.
Location:  EBBP off Rt 103 near Del’s Lemonade.
Arrive: 5:00PM
Departure: 5:15PM promptly
Distance is flexible.
Rain cancels the ride.
We will ride to Colt’s State Park.  Watch the sunset.  Then we will proceed toward Providence till we decide to turn around.

Bikes should have adequate lighting.
Bring water, snacks, cameras and anything else you might want or need.
Helmets are highly recommended.

Wilbur’s Point and West Island from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

The Peninsula of New Bedford, MA


I am in a couple of bike riding challenges which gives me the motivation to ride every day.  Lots of things are going on during the early part of the day to keep me busy and off the bike.  However, late afternoon and early evening has become prime time for my riding.  Combine that with working on my video editing skills gives me plenty of motivation to ride into the early darkness.

THE PENNINSULA from John Sullivan on Vimeo.