Mapping The Bike Summit Route


Date: March 27 2014
Meet at Cork’s Wine and Tapas bar for a 4:15 start. If necessary there will be another led bike ride leaving Corks at 5:30 for those who cannot make the 4:15 start.

We will be riding on very wide and bike friendly city streets, some bike lane and off road paths which will get us to Fort Rodman/Fort Taber by way of west beach. This 4:15 route offers a tour of Fort Rodman and the batteries that were built to protect the city from and invasion by sea. The early ride will arrive a few minutes before the 5PM social. The return leg will be the shorter East Beach route. This will be after dark on pretty well lit, wide laned roads and a bike path. Bring a light and helmet if you want, but you can easily get by without either, safely. It’s around 3 miles each direction and the route is very flat. Any bike will do including fixed and single speed.

The 5:30 ride will be by the more direct East Beach route and will arrive a few minutes before the 6PM start of the summit.

The route is HERE at Map My Ride
Riding along West Beach


We will enter Fort Rodman on west Rodney French Blvd.

Once inside the fort we will ride along the waterfront that during WWII was protected by a number of batteries overlooking the bay.

Our last sight before the meeting house is Fort Taber which was designed by Robert E Lee. And one of the on sight engineers was Henry Martyn Robert noted author of Roberts Rules of Order.

That Sounds Pretty Cool

touring bikes

Last night over dinner at a local bistro the subject of my summer bike tour was broached.  I am doing a 6 day ride in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland with the Rails to Trails organization.  It’s their annual Sojourn, which is sold out by the way.  During that conversation I said “next year will be a much better ride”.

“Where is next years ride?” She asked

“St Augustine, Florida to Austin, Texas”.

“That sounds pretty cool. How long will it take?”

“Really”.  I never expected that, but I’m happy. Most see this as an epic kind of thing, but if your someone who has toured, weather it be a long multi week ride or only a few days, you know that a tour is nothing more than a bunch of daily bike rides.

This ride should take around 30 days to complete. It’s 1200 miles, give or take and it’s on the Adventure Cycling Southern Tier Route. She also asked if I was riding alone.  That, I don’t want to do and I’ll be perusing bike touring sites keeping a lookout for the companions wanted type of postings.  There are five men my age riding the southern tier who started their tour a couple of weeks ago.  They met online through Adventure Cycling and are riding the whole route from St. Augustine, Florida to San Diego, California.  One of the couples that I’m following are posting HERE.  This is the one of most interest because they are also doing Florida to Austin.

This summers tour will be fun but next year will be a blast, and to this guy who has never wanted to do a long tour… this one sounds pretty cool.



Winter Is Winding Down

It was a nice day for a short ride but it’s still winter.

It has been a difficult few weeks for bike riding in Southeastern Massachusetts. The multiple snow events have kept the roads and MUPs pretty much too shitty to ride a bike over. I have been relegated to the gym on a stationary bike, something I have avoided for years. I always felt like I wasn’t getting much of a workout, and when I would see others on one of those bikes, I would shake my head and think, what a waste.

While reading Bicycle Magazine last month, an article caught my attention. It was about interval training on a stationary bike when outside riding was too risky. I gave those intervals a try and got some good workouts. In the middle of all that I came to a brilliant conclusion. I could take it upon myself to make sure the stationary bike gave me a good workout. Now when I finish my 50 or 55 minutes I’m soaked through and through and I’m even a little wobbly when I step off the bike.

I did find the magic formula that insures me a high intensity workout. My ipod. I crank up the music and often find myself matching the cadence to the song. Yesterday one of the songs was finishing with a nice long crescendo and it was in the last couple of minutes of my workout. My cadence had spiked to 24MPH and I sustained that for a couple of minutes giving me a nice high intensity sprint to end the ride.

Today settled into a calm, sunny, brisk 29 degree day. I had to run an errand and took out the old commuter bike for the short trip into town. A face mask, stocking cap and sunglasses, a style that gave me the uni-bomber look, made the ride pretty comfortable. I did bring my camera, but after taking one photo early in the ride, I forgot all about it and kind of got into a zone while riding. One of those zones where you don’t remember anything about the ride which brings me to the end of this post