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Pro Tips For Midnight Marathon Ride

Pro Tips

If you are confused about how this ride works let me try to clarify & offer up some pro-tips:

– We all meet at Southborough Station at midnight on Sunday night (Monday morning). We roll out as soon as the midnight train arrives & is unloaded. Approx 12:15-ish and ride up to the Marathon starting line and then ride the Marathon Route into Boston. It’s amazing.

Option 1: Get dropped off by some sucker / friend / taxi / your mom.

Option 2: Drive yourself and get your car the next day. Don’t ask me where to park, you’ll have to figure that out yourself.

Option 3: Ride your bike to Southborough Station. There are several “packs” of riders doing the out & back ride. A big group from Ride Crazy Boston will be doing the out & back. They setup their own event page with detailed information here:

Option 4: Do the “Truck ‘N Train Combo”. We will transport your bike out to Southborough Station via moving truck, and then you take the normally scheduled commuter rail train to Southborough Station. Everything you need to know about the Truck ‘N Train combo can be found here:…

– The ride is self supported, meaning: Be sure to bring a spare tube and a basic kit of tools in case you have a bike malfunction. If you don’t have a spare tube that fits your bike, go to your local bike shop and get one before the ride.
-If you haven’t ridden much this year, get your bike shop to give your bike a quick safety check if you. You can also do an ABC Quick Check like in this short video:
– If you don’t know how to fix basic bike problems, then ride with someone who does.
– LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS. The more the merrier, but be sure to at least have a front that is white and a rear that is red.
– Helmet… I’m not gonna get all preachy on this matter. I will be wearing mine because I think its a good idea. Use your own judgement, but consider that it will be dark outside, there will be train tracks to cross… and a bunch of other riders with varying levels of skill.
– Bring gloves, and wear layers so you can adjust your clothing to the desired warmth. You’ll be cold if you end up standing around, and warmer once your legs are pumping.
– Snacks are a good idea. I say bring some snacks. It’s a community event, so bring some extra snacks to share… with me.
– Hydration is a good idea. Bring something to drink. Your body will thank you later.
– It’s not a race, its a ride. I recommend riding at a pace where you can chill with some friends, chat up that good looking cyclist next to you, or get a group sing-a-long going. “Sweet Caroline” as we roll past Kenmore might be a good fit.
– Bring a map of the marathon route in case you get separated. A smart phone with a map app works pretty well too.

– Pancakes, Coffee, Muffins, Bacon etc. Boston Common Coffee Company on Washington Street in Downtown Crossing will be setting up a tent outside their store so you can stuff your face with early morning eats. It’s just under a mile from the finish line (map: We can’t hang out at the finish line for security reasons, so just pedal on a bit more and celebrate your achievement with delicious food. BCCC is donating all the proceeds of the pancake breakfast to The Home Away Fund which helps provide assistance to families dealing with epilepsy.

– BCCC is buying all the food tonight, so please get yourself a ticket NOW to ensure they get enough food:…

More From The Midnight Marathon People.

ATTENTION PANCAKE EATERS!!! I will be heading out on Wednesday to purchase batter, syrup and other items for the breakfast. PLEEEEEASE if you are going to join us sign up before then to make your arrival run as smooth as possible. Here is the link to purchase tickets…

Last year we had over 250 riders come in for breakfast and its looking like a great night!

Midnight Marathon Riders, What better way to complete your journey from Hopkington to Boston then a hot Pancake Breakfast!!!! The Home Away Fund will be hosting a post-ride Charity Pancake…

Midnight Marathon Bike Ride Is Registering Now

full moon bike over boston

If you bike, you gotta do this ride.  It’s so cool and so unique it would be a shame to miss.   It’s at midnight but so what.   There is no traffic and lots of cops and workers on the sidelines prepping the route for the marathon making this a very safe ride.   I’ll be there early after leaving people at Logan.

I’ll be going early making a stop at Logan before hand.  If you want to meet up with me, find me at South Station.  There will be a lot of people but not so many we can’t find each other.

Be sure to register NOW if you want your bike transported to Hopkington.  It’s thirty bucks. There is also a pancake breakfast for $15 and the commuter rail to Southbough to meet your bike is about $6.

The Midnight Marathon Bike Ride is back for 2015!

This year’s Midnight Marathon ride will be just like last year’s, meaning

*It’s going to be awesome, but just like always, this ride is on open public roads and is NOT supported, so you’re responsible for bringing friends, dressing appropriately, your own safety. If you get a flat, you’ll need to be able to fix it on your own.

*We’re organizing a “Truck ‘n Train” option for you, meaning you purchase a ticket from us to transport your bike on a moving truck from South Station to Southborough, and you take the Commuter Rail to Southborough to pick up your bike (which means you also purchase a commuter rail ticket separately) Tickets for “Truck n’ Train” are available here:
Not to mention, any leftover proceeds will go to a local bike organization of your choice!

*There will be a PANCAKE BREAKFAST charity fundraiser organized independently of us by our friends at Boston Common Coffee Company. Trust us, you’ll want pancakes after the ride. Tickets are LIMITED, buy tickets for the breakfast here..It helps a great deal to know how many people are coming for this, so we ask you to please buy tickets BEFORE WEDNESDAY, 4/15 if you know you’re in for some sweet, sweet, post-ride pancakes:

*VOLUNTEERS: WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to help with various things, including loading bikes in and out of trucks, flagging people down at tricky train track crossing on dark roads, providing unofficial ad-hoc support, AND facilitating a delicious pancake breakfast. Want to help make Midnight Marathon happen? Please sign up on our volunteer form here:

Can’t wait to see you all out there!

Greg Hum, BostonSoS, and friends.

Upcoming Rides

Slim pickings this early in the season.  The Narragansett Bay Wheelmen are the only ones this weekend and both are great rides to begin the season by easing your way into riding.

Saturday morning Cafe Ride on the East Bay Bike Pat.

Saturday 04/11/15 – NBW Cafe Ride (weather permitting)

  • East Bay Bike Path – from Fort Hill to Bristol Bagel and back (27 miles)
  • Leaves Fort Hill Parking Lot at 10:00 AM
  • Contact John Nery for more details

Sunday 04/12/15 – NBW #049 Great Grandma’s Farm Ride

  • 16, 24 & 51 Mile Rides
  • Leaves from Lincoln Mall, Lincoln RI
  • more details HERE

Team got our NYC Five Boroughs start positions

  • Departs: 8:10AM
  • Recommended Arrival Time: 7:10AM-7:55AM
  • Access Start Corridor (in gold in the map above) via Barclay or Vesey.

Saturday Morning Cafe Ride

The rain moved out around 9 AM as predicted and the sky turned partly sunny. It was a nice start to this years Cafe Rides on the East Bay Bike Path.  East Providence to Bristol R.I. this 13.5 mile long paved rail to trail conversion is one of the most popular rail trails in the are.  Unlike most, this rail trail is pretty wide open traveling along the Providence river to Narragansett Bay in Bristol.  Bristol Bagel Works is the turn around spot but not before a light snack and a cup of pretty good joe.

I emphasize a nice start because nature hit us hard with the wind on the return leg.  30-40 MPH sustained winds with gusts somewhat higher conspired to knock us off our rigs.  There were a couple of times when the gust almost pushed me off the path into the gully.  Us hardy bicyclists know however, that the wind is our friend, and it makes us stronger riders. Even if, like today, the wind made the ride seem like we were climbing the Alps.

East Bay Bike Path Cafe Ride from John Sullivan on Vimeo.

It’s Starting

Bike riding season that is. After a long two months of frog snow, (knee deep), things are happening.  It looks like the rain will be cleared out for the 10 AM East Bay Bike Path ride.  Meet at Fort Hill for the 10 AM start.  If your new, look for the older gentlemen sitting at the picnic table in the parking lot.


For directions to Fort Hill bike path access search for directions to intersection of Mercer Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway in East Providence through Google Maps or GPS. Parking is overlooking the river on the West side of the highway.

Sat weather forecast.

A chance of rain, mainly before 10am. Patchy fog before 9am. Otherwise, cloudy through mid morning, then gradual clearing, with a high near 52. Southwest wind 13 to 17 mph becoming northwest in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 39 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible.

Sunday also looks to offer good weather for the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen ride

The start of the 2014 ride in Hopkinton

There is some news on the Midnight Marathon ride on April 20th.  PANCAKES.  If your doing the ride and want pancakes at 2:30 AM or so, you need to buy a ticket. 

The details of the ride are forthcoming. Soon.  I promise.

This Weekend’s Rides. April 4-5, 2015

New England Randonneurs Brevet
Dighton Rock 200k, Sunday April 11 2015, details here

Brevet at Dighton Rock

Below is a link to the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen’s ride schedule. All rides are open to everyone. The Sunday ride has options for different miles.

**(I’ll be riding Saturday mornings Cafe Tour on the East Bay Bike Path. It’s a great start to this seasons riding.  26 miles of easy pedaling, stopping for coffee and a snack at the halfway point in Bristol R.I.) Leaves Fort Hill at 10AM

The link offers tons of information about local club rides, charity rides, brevets, and other bike related events. There is also instructions on using their GPS files on your device.
Finally a list of events happening this year.
Everything you need to know about biking in New England is in one place ready for your perusing pleasure.

CLICK HERE for the NBW link

Biking Again. Finally

Cover Photo:  amidnightrider

The weather is gradually improving. The snow is gone and now it’s time to start spring cleaning.  The roads and parking lots are covered in sand.  The bike path is painted with brush and twigs but people are out and smiling again.  It was a difficult two months of continuous heavy snowfalls and bitter cold.  That’s all in the past as Easter approaches.  The time of new (the lily) and abundant (the rabbit)life.

Biking Again from John Sullivan on Vimeo.